Neato Acquired By Long-Term Enterprise Partner Vorwerk Group


Neato Robotics announced on September 20 that it has now been acquired by one of its investors, namely by its long-time partner Vorwerk Group. Although none of the financials of the acquisition have been made public, it has been revealed that Neato Robotics will effectively remain its own business under Vorwerk, including retaining its own branding and corporate leadership. The deal primarily appears to be a way to consolidate the rapidly advancing market for home robotics, as a way to grow both companies. It also follows what Neato Robotics Chairman and CEO Giacomo Marini has described as a widely successful series of partnerships over the past several years between the companies.

Meanwhile, a Managing Partners analysis of the deal says that how well the two complement one another across the board bodes well for the acquisition. More specifically, that assessment highlighted the experience Neato Robotics has accumulated in terms of designing the software that powers its robotics vacuum units. That is, of course, referring to the kinds of navigation and spatial mapping features found in Neato Robotics' newly announced Botvac D7 Connected – which was first shown off at IFA 2017 in Berlin. For example, the software allows the robotic vacuum to accurately map out a floor plan and provides owners with both a way to contain the bot to a specific area and a way to see if any areas were missed. Meanwhile, Vorwerk brings other key components to the table in terms of navigating the home robots market space and enterprise aspects, in addition to having several cleaning-focused robots of its own.

The cooperative advantage between the two is also expected to be conveyed further in terms of both research and development and production itself. Even though there is apparently nothing in the details of the deal to prevent either Neato Robotics or Vorwerk Group from simply conducting business as usual, the array of experts at both will be able to work much more closely together without limitation. That should result in more rapid advancements in the current technologies and plenty of new innovation. That cooperation could, in turn, secure both companies' current positions as leaders in the robotics-focused segment of the consumer electronics market by helping stave off at least some of the competition.

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