LineageOS Update Brings BlueBorne Fix & Many More Changes


Lineage OS has received some substantial updates, according to the official changelog, and the most recent of those includes a fix for the BlueBorne vulnerability. BlueBorne, for the unaware, is an Android vulnerability that allows Bluetooth to be exploited even without establishing a connection or the device being set to discoverable. The latest update to the CyanogenMod ROM successor patches that hole in the software, as well as bringing a number of other changes.

Among the other changes brought with the latest build is a series of fixes for the LineageOS Updater, with the devs saying that the app has been completely rewritten. Downloads tied to the updates will also now be stored in file management at "/data/lineageos_updates/" – which is likely a part of the aforementioned rewrite. Also on the file management side of the OS, unused "cmsdk" services in builds have been disabled. Bugs that were previously causing camera crashes, unwanted backlight functionality upon a press of the volume keys, and which were causing WEP WiFi encryption input to detect keys incorrectly have also been squashed. Beyond that, more HTML 5 features are now supported and AudioFX now allows users to control the reverb effect that's applied to sounds. There have been a ton of changes on the user interface side of things as well, starting with a complete overhaul of Privacy Guard. A system profile tile has been added too, as well as the option to reapply the system profile a user currently has set. Users can also customize the notification lights individually for email accounts and burn-in screen protection has been added, for some devices, to the notification bar. Finally, a carrier section shortcut has been added to Settings, so that users don't have to perform so many taps to get there.

Unfortunately, the changelog also reveals that the next iteration of the OS could be quite a ways off still – as there is still no timeframe given for release. Although Lineage OS 15 – which is based on Android 8.0 Orea – is available unofficially, there has been no official release. Instead, the developers ask users to remain patient while the team continues to work on both that iteration and on cm-14.1. Bearing that in mind, the updates included in the latest changelog should be plenty to keep all but the most committed power-users busy for a least a bit longer. In the meantime, anybody who's interested can hit the source link below for more information about the changes.

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