Lineage OS Snap Camera Gets Root-Free Port To OnePlus 5


Thanks to recognized XDA Developer Android-Andi, the Snap Camera from Lineage OS can now be used by anybody who owns a OnePlus 5 that is running the newest version of OxygenOS (v. 4.5.10.). However, it is worth mentioning that the application is listed at the source site as currently being in "testing" status and there are some known issues with the port, as it stands. Moreover, The contributor responsible for bringing the application to the OnePlus 5 has clearly stated that they are not necessarily committed at this time to supporting the app with future updates. Bearing that in mind, the Snap Camera port also doesn't require root access. So it is probably worth a look for anybody interested.

With regard to the Snap Camera itself, the application was taken directly from the source code for LineageOS 14.1 and is known for having an enormous array of shooting options, in addition to all of the adjustability users expect from a software driven camera. That means users can fine-tune their images to account for red-eye or tweak the sharpness, brightness, white-balance, contrast, and focus aspects on the fly. Users can also adjust the amount of time the sensor spends focusing, use their device's power button as a shutter, and either disable or enable face detection, among other things.

Unfortunately, as is almost always the case with initial releases, there are also a couple of problems with the port, as of this writing. Not least of all, RAW photo shooting is not supported, so images will all be saved in the lossy JPEG format. Beyond that, Snap Camera's "UbiFocus mode" currently crashes the app. Switching between panorama mode and other modes also requires the app to be closed and restarted – though that is an improvement over an earlier version of the port which required users to clear the app data before Snap Camera would work again. Unfortunately, the developer has said that anybody with the earlier version will also need to uninstall the application before installing the new version in order to fix that problem. In the meantime, anybody interested in giving the ported Lineage OS camera app a try can head over to the source link below.


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