LG V30, G6 & Q6 To Support Sensory's Facial Recognition Tech

LG V30 AM AH 61

The LG V30, G6, and Q6 are set to receive support for Sensory’s TrulySecure facial recognition technology, the Santa Clara, California-based company announced on Monday. The benefits of the newly unveiled collaboration will soon allow owners of the LG G6, Q6, and the upcoming V30 flagship to use an advanced facial recognition solution powered by robust artificial intelligence (AI) technologies and related anti-spoofing algorithms which are meant to deliver an authentication service that’s extremely convenient while simultaneously being significantly more secure compared to its direct alternatives, according to its creators. Sensory claims that its facial verification methods have an accuracy rate of approximately 99.999 percent and are industry-leading as far as commercial applications of mobile biometric authentication mechanisms are concerned.

Another major selling point of TrulySecure comes in the form of its basic requirements, with the service being able to work with ordinary smartphone camera modules and not warranting specialized hardware, thus being relatively suitable for implementation into third-party devices. The biometric data which the platform uses to authenticate the user is only stored locally and is never uploaded to the cloud, making the solution as secure as possible, the company claims. Furthermore, TrulySecure was specifically designed to work even when a small part of the user’s face is obscured by an ordinary accessory like a pair of glasses, which is another feature that Sensory claims puts its solution ahead of the competition. Apart from support for TrulySecury, LG’s smartphone trio is now also compatible with Sensory’s TrulyHandsfree and TrulySecure Speaker Verification, providing users with the option of securely waking or unlocking their device with a short voice command. The benefits of those two technologies are the same as the ones Sensory lists in the context of its mobile facial recognition service.

Sensory’s partnership with LG Electronics marks the latest step in the company’s efforts to expand its service portfolio to more devices, with the firm already having an extensive collaboration with Samsung Electronics, LG’s domestic rival and the largest smartphone vendor in the world. As for its new partner, the South Korean original equipment manufacturer has yet to attach a firm release date to the LG V30, though the recently unveiled Android flagship is widely expected to become available for purchase by mid-October.