iRobot To Celebrate 15 Years Of Robots Cleaning Homes

irobot roomba 960 AH NS 17 buttons

iRobot is preparing to celebrate 15 years of robots cleaning homes, or more specifically, 15 years since it launched the very first Roomba robotic vacuum, which fast forward to today has led to selling more than 20 million units, including top models like the Roomba 980. As part of iRobot’s 15th anniversary that happens next week on September 17th, the company has put out an infographic (which you can view below) that details some of the major highlights of the Roomba robotic vacuum, including the massive number of home robots sold on the market that was mentioned above.

If you’ve thought about picking up your very own Roomba robotic vacuum from iRobot, there are plenty of benefits to having such a device take care of the cleaning for you, not the least of which is the automation that can be set up through the Roomba companion application which can be installed on your smartphone. Using the app, it’s easy to set up scheduled cleaning times, and according to iRobot the most commonly scheduled cleaning time for Roomba vacuums is 9:00 AM in the morning. Whether or not this seems like the perfect time for you personally, it would seem that the majority of consumers find this to be the sweet spot, which should make sense, as it’s generally after most people are up and about and either going about their day around the house or after they’ve already left for work and school, meaning they won’t be home for the cleaning cycle and thus won’t hear the noises of the vacuum. Of course, iRobot also notes that night owls prefer to start their Roomba cleanings at night, which again should make sense as they tend to be up later and wake up later.

Another benefit of a Roomba is that you won’t be cleaning yourself, and if you’re the type that hates cleaning then chances are you may clean less often. iRobot asserts that most Roomba owners on average have the vacuum set to clean at least five times per week, which means a cleaner home, and likely a more presentable one too. What’s more is that according to the company, a Roomba will save you around 110 hours of cleaning a year on average. Granted, this is just in regards to vacuuming, as the Roombas don’t do windows, but that’s still 110 hours of your life that you can dedicate to something else. Roombas also cater to consumers in a wide array of markets around the globe, supporting 15 different languages, and according to iRobot, the city with the most Roomba vacuums per capita is Tel Aviv, Israel. If you already own a Roomba, then you’re probably enjoying your free time, and if you don’t, there are quite a few different models that iRobot sells with varying features and price points so as to cater to every type of price range, with most options currently on sale too.

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