Invisible Protection For Galaxy Note 8 With Caseology Skyfall Case

Skyfall Case 01

Caseology is a well-known electronic accessories brand and one which offers multiple options for smartphone protection, for all of the top selling smartphone brands and models. Including the Galaxy Note 8 from Samsung. Not only is the Galaxy Note 8 the latest phone from Samsung, but it also happens to be one of the most expensive. Therefore, finding the right case to protect the Galaxy Note 8 should be a top priority. Here is quick rundown of all of the new Galaxy Note 8 cases on offer from Caseology.

Skyfall Series


More often that not protective cases cover up a smartphone. This is where the Skyfall Series from Caseology is different, however. As this case is purposed-designed to provide Galaxy Note 8 owners with the level of protection they would expect from a protective case, while still showcasing the phone and all of its design points. This is largely thanks to the Skyfall Series employing the help of a Crystal Clear design which can also be color-matched to the same color of the phone. So regardless of whichever color your Galaxy Note 8 is, there is a Skyfall Series case designed to match it.

Anther benefit of the Skyfall Series is that due to its design, its cases are super lightweight and slim. So as well as being able to see the Galaxy Note 8 in all its glory, this case adds very little weight and bulk to the phone. Providing users with a near invisible level of protection. Speaking of which, in spite of being lightweight, this is a case that is designed to protect. As the Skyfall Series not only comes with dual layer technology which offers twice the level of protection and durability, but it also boasts a scratch-resistant coating. So not only will this case withstand scratching, but the coating will also protect the case from developing any unwanted yellowing during its lifetime. Couple that with the mixture of hard acrylic and polycarbonate and the end result is a highly durable and protective case for the Galaxy Note 8.

This is the sort of case which will ideally suit anyone looking to minimize the level of bulk with their smartphone. So whether you are looking for a more minimalist case to show off the Galaxy Note 8, or just a case that makes this large phone easier to carry without any added weight or body, the Skyfall Series is the one to check out.


Parallax Series

For those looking for something a little bit different, the Parallax Series case for the Galaxy Note 8 is a great option. Not only is this a protective case, but it is also one which comes with an award-winning three-dimensional geometric design. This design not only adds a stylish touch to the case, but also an improved level of grip. The Parallax Series is available in a variety of colors including Black, Burgundy, Orchid Gray, Ocean Gray and Aqua Green.


Legion Series

Those looking for an ultimate level of protection will want to consider the Legion Series. As this is a case range which offers a heavy duty level of protection. In addition to all the usual protection features, the Legion Series also employs shock absorbent technology. Which looks to further protect the device from impact damage. The Legion Series is also available in a variety of colors including Charcoal Gray, Aqua Green, and Warm Gray.


Vault Series

The Vault Series is another option worth checking out for those who want an enhanced level of protection. As the benefit with this case is that it combines extra protection with a lightweight design. The Vault Series achieves this through the use of shock deflection technology which looks to deflect potential impact away from the Galaxy Note 8. In terms of color choice, the Vault Series for the Galaxy Note 8 is available in either classic Black or Aqua Green.


Available on Amazon

Regardless of which case is best suited to your Galaxy Note 8 protection needs, all of the Caseology Series cases listed here are now available to buy online through Amazon. In addition, it is also worth checking out the official Caseology website, as this is a company that sells more than just cases with a wide selection of screen protectors and headphones also on offer.

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