Instagram Update Adds Face Filters To Live Video Feature


The Instagram application is getting a new addition to its live video feature thanks to an update that started rolling out on September 21. That's according to an official announcement the company made via its press blog. The new feature ties into a previous update which included the ability to stream content live and allows users to amp up those streams with what Instagram calls "face filters." The filters themselves range from tonal changes to the overall video to more face-centric overlays that snap to a user's face – such as sunglasses or kitten costumes. As per the previous update, users will of course still be able to reshare the video to stories or discard their streams once they are finished.

Using the new feature couldn't be any easier, either. Face filters can be added, adjusted, or removed either before or during a stream. To sort through and add filters, users simply need to navigate to the live video portion of the Instagram application and tap on the face icon. That icon will be located at the bottom right of the app's layout. If the filter is one that snaps to a person's face and more than one person is included in the video, Instagram says its filter will be applied to whichever face is closer to the camera. With that said, some of the filters – Instagram points to the app's Sunglasses filter, as an example – will be exclusively available in the live video section over the course of the next week. That particular filter allows the user to change the scenery that is shown as reflecting in a pair of sunglasses. As to why that feature would be limited, that is not immediately clear since the company hasn't provided any kind of explanation.

As is always the case with app updates, it could take some time before face filters hit all devices. This one is also rolling out globally, rather than by region, which will likely add to that time frame. In the meantime, anybody interested in checking for the new update, or anybody who still hasn't gotten around to checking Instagram out for the first time, can click on the Google Play Store button below.


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