Huawei's Band 2 Pro Versatile Fitness Tracker Out In The US


Huawei on Thursday officially released the Band 2 Pro fitness tracker in the United States, marking yet another expansion in the commercial availability of its latest wearable. The smart band is now available for purchase from Amazon where it's offered in three variants – black, blue, and red. All models have an identical $69.99 price tag and are eligible for free shipping as part of Amazon's Prime program.

The Band 2 Pro is 44 x 19.7 x 10.3mm in size and weighs around 21g, thus being a highly compact fitness tracker. Huawei's new wearable is compatible with all smartphones running Android 4.4 KitKat and later builds of Google's popular mobile operating system, as well as iPhones with iOS 8.0 or newer versions of the OS, which essentially means models as old as the iPhone 4S. The fitness tracker is equipped with a PMOLED black-and-white display panel which is meant to provide users with a plethora of information in an energy-efficient manner, with the 105mAh battery of the device said to be sufficient for up to a week of continuous use on a single charge. Naturally, its battery performance will depend on specific use cases and you're likely looking at a significantly shorter usage session if you opt to constantly have the Band 2 Pro's GPS enabled. Alternatively, the wearable can survive up to three weeks on standby on a single charge, Huawei claims, adding that its latest offering is charged via a conventional two-PIN port featured on its charging cradle.

Apart from GPS, the Band 2 Pro also supports the Bluetooth 4.2 standard and can remain linked with handsets fulfilling the aforementioned requirements at up to ten meters (32.8 feet) in an open area, allowing you to use it in a controlled environment like a gym without having to keep your smartphone in your pocket. The smart band also ships with a detached PPG cardio tachometer, three-axis accelerometer, and an infrared wear sensor, with the product itself also boasting the 5ATM waterproof rating, meaning it can survive up to 50 meters (165 feet) of static water pressure, making it more than suitable for activities like swimming and shallow diving. That isn't to say the Band 2 Pro is certified for extreme water sports like scuba diving, jet skiing, and any other activities during which the wearable could come into a high-velocity contact with water, but its basic specifications are still more than enough to cover a wide variety of use cases and are highly advanced in the context of this price segment.


Huawei's new product is a direct successor to the original Band, having been announced in July alongside the visually identical Band 2. Boasting continuous heart rate monitoring capabilities and an integrated fitness coach, the device is aimed at active consumers who practice everything from walking and running to swimming and cycling, the consumer electronics manufacturer said. This catch-all strategy has already been employed by Huawei on a number of occasions in the past and isn't exclusive to its wearable offerings but has already been proven to work quite well, with the tech giant recently surpassing Apple and becoming the second largest phone vendor in the world by device sales in June and July, according to some recent market estimates. It's presently unclear whether the Band 2 Pro will eventually make its way to more retailers in the United States, but with Amazon being one of the cheapest destinations for consumer electronics in the country, it's unlikely that you'll be able to purchase the device for less than $69.99 from any other outlet in the immediate future. Likewise, Huawei has so far given no indication that it's planning on launching more color variants of its new product. Refer to the Amazon banner below for personalized availability details about the Band 2 Pro which comes with a standard U.S. warranty.

The official release of the Band 2 Pro marks what's thought to be the last major product announcement from Huawei until the launch of its Mate 10 flagship which has already been confirmed for a mid-October unveiling. The company's upcoming Android device is expected to follow the recent design trends in the industry and debut a nearly bezel-less design and a tall aspect ratio of 18:9 (2:1) coupled with high-end specs. The Mate 10 is believed to be slated for a European and Asian release this holiday season, though it remains to be seen whether the smartphone becomes officially available in the United States around the same period. Recent reports indicated that AT&T is set to carry at least one Huawei-made flagship later this year, though no confirmation on the matter has yet been provided by either party.

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