Huawei Removes All EMUI ROM Image Downloads From Its Site

Huawei has taken down all of the links to downloadable, flashable EMUI ROM images for its devices. If you try to access the downloads page, you'll see a message from Huawei that states the ROM downloads are all gone, and that Huawei will be issuing updates exclusively over the air from now on. The reason for the change is stated in the message box as "To deliver a more convenient and satisfactory update service", but there is no explanation beyond that. You can click or tap to acknowledge the message and you'll still see Huawei's array of devices on the download page, but clicking on one brings you to an empty download page with nothing to download.

Until now, Huawei issued official updates over the air and via their website simultaneously for most devices. Users that did not want to use the over the air update, wanted a stock ROM backup in case something happened to their device, or simply could not receive an over the air update for one reason or another could go to Huawei's website, download an updated ROM file for their device as a ZIP file, and flash it in their device's recovery menu. With the ROM images removed, users will have to simply concede to take the over the air updates and make their own system dumps for backups, or wait for members of the community to release system dumps as flashable ZIP files.

Some OEMs who exclusively provide over the air updates block users who have modified their devices or have any kind of unapproved software, such as root users or those running customized, stripped-down versions of stock ROMs that often have bloatware and other elements ripped out. Delivering updates exclusively through over the air channels also takes out the possibility of user error in flashing an update. The ROMs on Huawei's website were full system images, meaning that trying to flash them on a device without wiping the system, personal data, and other partitions could cause all sorts of problems. Naturally, taking the ROM images down has the added benefit of saving Huawei some bandwidth on its website.

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