HTC's Vive Is Getting A VR Version OF L.A. Noire Nov. 14th

HTC's Vive is getting a VR version of L.A. Noire on November 14th, the same day Rockstar Games launches versions of the upcoming title on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One. Officially called L.A. Noire: The VR Case Files, those who have never had the chance to play the original game will get to experience the mystery and intrigue mashed together with exuberant story telling in a brand-new immersive setting. That said, The VR Case Files will not be a complete game, meaning it won't be a complete virtual reality version of the game that is launching on PS4 and other consoles. Instead, this version for the Vive will have a collection of the cases from the original that were redesigned for VR, and that means if you want the full experience of this new version, you'll need to pick it up on a different platform.

The good news is that the collection of cases for this version of the game includes seven cases in total, so it won't be a super short experience and will still offer hours of fun. Even still, this might be even more exciting for those who have played the original, as many of the actions you can complete in this version of the game will make you feel like you're completing them yourself as if you were the detective in real life, all thanks to being able to use the Vive controllers for things like grabbing objects, inspecting clues, and even writing notes down your notebook by hand.

At the moment there's no information on what the price will be for The VR Case Files let alone any of the other versions of the game for consoles, so for now those that are interested in picking this up will just have to wait until it gets a little closer to the release date to to find out how much it'll cost. Chances are though, that since the VR version will only be comprised of seven cases, it will be cheaper than the full version of the game on consoles, so even though there is no price information right now there's a potential silver lining.

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