Google's Machine Learning Cloud Job Discovery Enters Beta

Google has today announced its Cloud Job Discovery service has now entered a beta stage of deployment with Google confirming that Cloud Job Discover is now available to staffing agencies and applicant tracking systems, in addition to the career sites and job boards that already had access to the service. Another feature that comes with the beta stage is that Cloud Job Discovery now supports more than 100 language variations. Something which will likely be of particular importance to its development for crossing international job market borders.

Cloud Job Discover is unlikely to be something that the average consumer (or job seeker for that matter) is aware of, although it is something they will likely make use of in the future when looking for a new job. This was formerly known as the Cloud Jobs API and is actually part of the underlying technology that powers ‘Google for Jobs’ - an initiative launched by Google back in June to better help job seekers and job vacancies find each other. Cloud Job Discover is able to achieve this through the use of machine learning which not only looks to translate job vacancy information from one language to another with ease, but just as easily translate the same information to be more relevant (and more likely to be found) by those within the same industry - due to its ability to understand industry and job-specific terms, titles, phrases and meanings. Google's ambition to change the way in which jobs are filled does not stop their either, as the company has been embarking on various projects lately which look to improve the employment landscape for all those involved.

Speaking of which and as part of today’s announcement on the beta status, Google also explained that since the launch of Cloud Job Discovery back in November of 2016, it has made its way to more than 3000 job properties. While also drawing on sentiments on how the service has improved the job recruiting process for companies like Johnson & Johnson, who in turn use Jibe (an early access Cloud Job Discovery customer) to find suitable candidates. A sentiment echoed by the likes of recruiting service, Hays, who noted Cloud Job Discovery has shown “positive results” since Hays first started trialing the service.

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