Google Lays Out Oreo's Perks For Enterprise Users

Android Oreo is officially available for select devices and is already starting to make its way to phones and tablets outside of Google's Nexus and Pixel stables, so the search giant decided now would be the perfect time to make a post explaining how improvements to Oreo have made it the best version of Android yet for enterprise use. A wide range of new features are available, which make Oreo devices the easiest, most secure Android devices yet for corporate use. The new features of Oreo that are being pointed out spill out into four categories; usability, ease of deployment, security, and privacy.

The first big feature is actually tied to another feature; work profiles. This feature has been around for a while, but as of Oreo, it's finally available for corporate-owned devices. This means that employees can now seamlessly switch from a fully managed, corporate-owned and deployed device to a personal phone that they just happen to have gotten from work. Users logged into their work profile will also be able to see actions taken by management, such as policy changes and app installs. The new user-facing features begin and end there, but the new features that help out behind the scenes are quite a breath of fresh air from previous Android versions. For starters, Oreo is the first Android version to get a full-featured zero-touch enrollment feature that requires almost no setup on the client's end. Simply set parameters once with the OEM and carrier you're buying the device through, make sure everything is set up on your servers and management consoles, and place your order. When users receive the device, it will be set up automatically upon login, with corporate apps downloaded and policies fully in place.

On top of enhanced enrollment and easy profile switching for users, IT departments will be glad to know that Oreo is packed with new security-related APIs for deployers to take advantage of, and Google Play Protect has been enhanced and set to run on top of all processes. To sweeten the deal, Google's Project Treble, meant to enable faster and easier updates, has a convenient side effect of containing security breaches, malware, and the like to the piece of hardware that they originated on, preventing full compromise of the device, among other security benefits.

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