Google Home’s Set Reminder Feature Should Land Soon

September 25, 2017 - Written By Justin Diaz

Google Home‘s set reminder feature should be landing soon as the support page for the product now details how the feature will work, showcasing how simple it will be for users to set reminders using nothing but they’re voice. That said, it might be that Google is already enabling this feature for some users and pushing it out gradually, which means the majority of Google Home users could end up seeing the ability to set reminders from their Google Home speaker within the next week or two, or perhaps sooner.

If it wasn’t already made clear, or obvious to Google Home owners, the set reminders feature isn’t just about setting reminders. You’ll be able to set reminders with your voice, sure, but you’ll also be able to delete reminders if you no longer need it or if you simply feel like you made a mistake in creating it in the first place. You can also use your voice to ask about reminders that you’ve already created, whether they were created through Google Home or not, letting you essentially manage every aspect of the reminders tied to your Google account without having to touch your phone.

Some users will no doubt feel it’s finally time for Google to have added the ability to set reminders, something which might seem like a relatively easy feature to implement, and the good news now that the support page seems to have the instructions laid out on describing how you can utilize the feature, along with some users reporting that it seems to be working, Google is finally making good on its promise to bring this feature to the speaker which it initially announced earlier this year at its Google I/O event. This will only be available in a few regions to start and this includes the U.S., UK, Canada, and Australia, and users will need to be running at least Android Marshmallow on their devices. This new reminder feature will also support both single user devices as well as those which have multiple accounts tied to them now that Google Home itself supports multiple accounts. Reminders can be a one-time thing, or they can be recurring depending on what the user needs. If you’ve got a Google Home speaker, and you’ve been waiting on this capability, you might try setting a reminder and seeing if it works out.