Google Finance Set For A Major Overhaul In November 2017

Google Finance is set for a major overhaul in a little over a month, according to its support pages which were recently updated by the Alphabet-owned company. The firm says that the new and improved version of the financial service will still provide users with the ability to follow particular stocks and stay up to date with the latest news in any industry they may be interested in. Market trends tracking will remain one of the core features of the redesigned Google Finance package, though the same won't hold true for the Portfolios functionality, the company said. Users with Google Finance portfolios are hence encouraged to download a backup of their data and records by November less they're ready to lose them once the redesign is launched. The actual list of stocks in one's portfolio won't have to be re-uploaded to the service as Google Finance will automatically transition it to the new platform, the tech giant confirmed.

The Portfolios page hosted by Google Finance reiterates the aforementioned information as part of a succinct warning which also provides users with several links for quickly downloading their data. You're able to save a local copy of your records as an OFX file or simply download it as a spreadsheet directly from the website itself, as seen in the photograph above. The Mountain View, California-based internet company said that its latest move is part of a wider effort to redesign Google Finance with the ultimate goal of making the service more accessible, consequently reaching a larger audience. While the firm has yet to clarify on those endeavors, its wording implies that Google Finance will soon feature a more contemporary and streamlined design, possibly even being modeled in accordance with its own Material Design guidelines which are also soon set to affect the browser version of Gmail.

The redesigned version of Google Finance may already be ready for deployment but Google is apparently delaying its rollout in order to provide users with enough time to save their Portfolios before the change goes live. Alphabet's subsidiary said that the overhaul is currently scheduled for mid-November but has yet to provide a firm date of its introduction. The upcoming changes may mark the most notable redesign of the service since its original launch in early 2006

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