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Google has today announced that it is celebrating its 19th birthday by making available "19 different surprises" which are largely made up of various games you can play. These games are not new games but instead are ones that have made an appearance over the years in one form or another and usually as part of Google's Doodle feature. Some of the games on offer include the likes of Pac-Man, Solitaire, and crickets playing cricket – as shown above. To access the games and in-keeping with the Doodle nature, all the games are now accessible through today's Doodle. Along with announcing access to the new games and surprises the Google blog posting does also point out that since those early days, Google has grown to be a company that now serves "160 countries speaking 123 languages worldwide", as well as more than 4.5 billion individual users.

Google has placed a slight spin on today's Doodle proceedings by actually making today's Doodle a spinner which does mean that you do not really have the option of choosing a game initially. Instead, as you head over to and click on the doodle, the spinner will automatically start spinning and will land on one of the random surprises at which point you can opt to play/see the selected surprise or chance your luck by spinning again. As most of the games and surprises are designed to be representative of the years, some are newer than others although they all seem to have been updated to appear and play a little better.

To be representative of now, one of the games included is a new game although technically speaking it is not a new new game as it is a rework of the classic mobile game, Snake. This version however, is far different to the original and not just due to the improved look and feel of the game as the gameplay has changed a little as well. For example, the current version does not allow players to pass through one side and come out the other. For those who want to specifically test out the new version of Snake without having to go through the spinner Google has offered up a direct link to that game, here. While for those more willing to chance their luck and spin the wheel head through the link.

Spin the wheel

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