Google Begins Matching Apple's Prices On UHD Content

Google is beginning to match Apple's prices on UHD content. For those that are unaware, UHD is the same as 4K resolution, and while not all of the UHD films and TV shows on Google Play have been lowered to meet Apple's pricing and stay competitive (Wonder Woman is still $29.99 for a UHD copy of the film) some content, like Spider-Man: Homecoming has been dropped to just $19.99 for the 4K version, which is in line with what Apple has been charging for its 4K content following the announcement of the Apple TV with 4K support.

This is also somewhat in line with what Amazon is now charging for its 4K content as well, though Amazon seems to have a smaller selection of 4K content than Apple and Google, and some of it is available at quite a low cost according to a report from yesterday. At the time of yesterday's report, all of Google's 4K content was still priced at around $30 for a single movie, which showcases that it didn't take long for it to change up pricing to meet Amazon and Apple in the same playing field so as not to lose out on potential sales due to charging consumers higher costs for the same content. That said, it's worth repeating that not all content has been decreased in price, so anyone who has a 4K TV or monitor which supports this resolution will want to check the content they're interested in before getting their hopes up.

Although Google hasn't lowered the price of all of its available UHD movies and TV shows, chances are that it will eventually bring the price down on everything to be competitive with what's on offer from other similar services, though how long that may take is uncertain. What that means for anyone who would rather have a UHD version of something but wants to watch it now, is that they will either have to pay for the UHD price unchanged, or go for a lower resolution copy and hope for Google to allow some form of an upgrade later on. There's not a definitive list of what's on offer, but if you open up the Play Store app and simply type UHD into the search bar, you can find what's all available.

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