Fenix 2 For Twitter Has Now Officially Launched For $1.99

September 13, 2017 - Written By Justin Diaz

Fenix 2 for Twitter has now officially launched for $1.99 and it’s available right now on the Play Store. If you use Twitter often and you don’t care for the official Twitter app, or you simply want a Twitter client that is a bit more customizable, then Fenix 2 is the latest option, at least in regards to an app that is now officially out of beta as a final release. With that said, this isn’t a new Twitter client by any means, as it was available in the Play Store before today but in a beta status, which meant that things were subject to change and some features could end up being removed, and there was more potential for bugs.

In terms of customization, Fenix 2 only offers light or dark themes just like the main Twitter app, but you do have more customization control over the front page of Twitter, allowing you to customize your feed how you see fit instead of just having to deal with how it looks. Any lists or searches that you save are also easily accessible by swiping on the screen to move to their respective pages, and if you’re a fan of bigger images then you’ll love the layout on profile pages as they feature much bigger banner images than the official Twitter app.

Images in your feed appear larger too, and they are as they take up the whole width of the app UI, stretching from edge to edge which makes them easier to view without having to tap on the image to enlarge it. If you have multiple Twitter accounts, good news as Fenix 2 supports multiple accounts and lets you switch between them pretty effortlessly. The conversation layout is also a bit more visually appealing, though that will be based on your own personal tastes. Overall it offers most of the same features as Twitter, but you do get the timeline and home page customization if you want it. It’s also not the only Twitter client to offer such things, as there are other clients to check out like Flamingo for Twitter or Talon for Twitter, both of which are also good apps worth looking into.

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