DOOGEE Explains Why Its S60 Is The Right-Sized Rugged Phone

When it comes to choosing a smartphone, size often plays a role in the decision-making process. After all, the right smartphone for someone is usually the one which is not too big that it cannot be held, and not too small that it negatively impacts on performance. Although the rugged phone market is no different it sometimes can be even harder to pick the right size, due to rugged phones often coming encased within a larger than usual body. One which while offering greater protection, can end up too bulky or sporting a display that is too small to use comfortably.

To highlight this point, DOOGEE draws on the Cat S60 and the AGM X2 as prime examples to compare against its own DOOGEE S60. For example, when it comes to the Cat S60, this is a device that some might consider to be to small due to its inclusion of a 4.7-inch display. While its size does make it easier to hold, its screen-to-body ratio means a lot of that space is unnecessarily used. In contrast, the AGM X2 according to DOOGEE, has the opposite problem. With the company suggesting that the AGM X2’s larger 5.5-inch display could prove to be problematic for its durable nature. Suggesting that bigger phones with bigger displays are more fragile in nature, and therefore at an increased risk of breaking. Which is why DOOGEE explains that when it comes to its own S60 rugged phone, the company opted for a 5.2-inch display with a 1920 x 1080 resolution. One which is not only small enough to be compact and comfortable when held, but one which also maintains its durable nature. DOOGEE also points out that another aspect which adds to its size benefits is the reduction in bezels. A combination which means that while the phone comes with all the protection one would expect from a rugged device, its screen-to-body ratio results in a slimmer and more attractive device overall. To put this into perspective, in spite of this being a rugged device DOOGEE notes that the distance between the display and the frame is just 0.25-centimeters.

As for its rugged features, the S60 maintains its protection through the inclusion of an IP68 certified body, along with Corning Gorilla Glass 5 for the display. The end result being a device that is not only water and dust-resistant, but also drop-proof. To further highlight the rigorous testing that the DOOGEE S60 goes through, the company recently released a new video showcasing the testing procedure. For those interested, the video can be seen in full below. While those interested in finding out more about the S60, head through the link below - where you also have the opportunity to win a DOOGEE S60 for free by taking part in a giveaway.

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