Deal: Sphero BB-9E App-Enabled Droid for $134 – 9/25/17

September 25, 2017 - Written By Alexander Maxham

Sphero’s newest app-enabled Droid, the BB-9E is seeing its first price drop since release, going from its regular price of $149.99, to just $134.99. Sure that’s not a huge price drop, but it’s still $15 off of its regular price, and this brings it to its lowest price ever.

Like the BB-8, the BB-9E can be controlled with your smartphone – using either Android or iOS. In fact, Sphero has now made one app that works with all three of its app-enabled Droids that are on the market. To make it even easier to use. Sphero touts that the BB-9E has authentic movements, so that it rolls just like it would on the big screen in a new Star Wars movie. Additionally, it has holographic simulation, so you can explore the Star Wars galaxy with other app-enabled Droids from Sphero. Finally, it does also have some signature LED’s, that are actually pretty vibrant, and they are on the dome of the BB-9E.

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