Deal: Buy 3 Amazon Echo (2nd Generation)'s Get $50 Off – 9/27/17


Amazon just announced a slew of new products, but it already has its second generation Amazon Echo up for sale (not just pre-order, but actual sale meaning it'll start shipping now), and it has also brought back the multiple-device buying discount. This is something it did with the Echo Show, where you could buy two and get $100 off. Now if you buy three Amazon Echo's you can get $50 off. Which means you are buying three Echo's for just $250 – that's only $70 more than the original Echo cost in the first place. Make sure to use the promo code ECHO3PACK at checkout for the discount.

The Amazon Echo hasn't changed a whole lot, but this time around it is smaller, or shorter, than the original. It also comes with a few different colored cloth exteriors. Which makes it look a bit nicer than the original Echo. Amazon is offering it up in a few different finishes. One of the newer features with the Amazon Echo 2nd generation is multi-room audio. So it'll work like SONOS, although arguably it won't sound as nice but it will be far cheaper. Which means you can start playing a song in one room, and walk into another room and have it playing in there as well. Echo can also make phone calls to actual phone numbers now in the US and Canada. This feature will likely expand to other countries in the near future as well. Of course, with Alexa built in, you still get all of the great skills already available, like those from Ford, Starbucks, Domino's and many others.

Amazon Echo (2nd Generation) 3-Pack