Caseology Vault Case Protects Galaxy Note 8 Without The Extra Bulk

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Choosing the right smartphone case is as important as choosing the right smartphone. As different cases do offer different benefits and employ different design points which can result in a different smartphone experience altogether. For those in the market for a case for the newly-launched Galaxy Note 8, well-known electronics accessories brand Caseology currently has a number of new cases available, and ones designed to suit the different needs of different consumers.

Vault Series


When it comes to a smartphone case, lesser can sometimes be more. Lighter cases for example, offer device owners to opportunity to properly experience the smartphone as it is intended, while still keeping it housed within a case. However, it is important to ensure that the lightweight case you choose still also offers the level of protection you would expect from a case. This is where the Vault Series of cases from Caseology comes in, as this case range is one which looks to offer the best in class protection, without adding unnecessary weight or bulk to the smartphone.

The Vault Series achieves this through its deceptively simple design. As this is a case that draws its durability from its TPU build while coming in a form factor that means it can be snapped on or off with ease. Although in spite of its design appearing simple, the protection on offer here is as advanced as it gets. With the Vault Series adopting shock absorbing technology which looks to degrade impact force before it even reaches the smartphone. Which essentially means that when this case is dropped or encounters impact, the case will bounce away from the impact zone absorbing the force of the initial impact. Adding to that, this case also employs a three-dimensional textured cover which increases the level of grip on offer. Thereby lessening the chance of the smartphone slipping from the owner’s hand in the first place.

Which makes the Vault Series case for the Galaxy Note 8 an ideal solution for anyone who is concerned about protecting their new smartphone, but looking to ensure that it remains as lightweight as possible. Offering significant levels of protection within a footprint much slimmer than what is commonly found with other protective cases. All while adopting a military-inspired design as well as the choice between two different color options, Black and Aqua Green.


Parallax Series

Like the Vault Series, the Parallax Series also includes a three-dimensional textured cover for an improved level of grip, although the Parallax Series takes its design to the next level resulting in an extremely unique looking case. As a result, for those looking for a case for the Galaxy Note 8 that is that little bit different to what else is currently available, the Parallax Series is one to consider. For added customization, the Parallax Series is also available in a variety of color options, including Black, Burgundy, Orchid Gray, Ocean Gray and Aqua Green.


Legion Series

The Legion Series is another option worth considering and especially for those looking for enhanced levels of protection as this case range is designed to be as heavy duty as it gets. Resulting in a line of cases that offers the best protection available, including aspects like shock absorbent technology. As for color choices, the Legion Series is available in Charcoal Gray, Aqua Green and Warm Gray.


Skyfall Series

The Skyfall Series is a little different to the other cases here and will certainly appeal to those looking for a more invisible level of protection. As the Skyfall Series makes use of a Crystal Clear design that allows the design points of the Galaxy Note 8 to shine through. This is also a transparent case range which can be color-matched to the original color of the Galaxy Note 8, as it available in Black, Blue Coral, Orchid Gray and Warm Gray.


Available on Amazon

All of these Caseology Galaxy Note 8 cases are now available to buy and can be ordered online directly from Amazon. However, Caseology sells a wide range of accessories for smartphones and if you also happen to be looking for a new screen protector for the Galaxy Note 8, or maybe even a new pair of headphones, then it is worth checking out the full range of products available from Caseology’s online store.

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