Caseology Parallax Case for Galaxy Note 8 Review


Caseology has quite a few cases available for the new Galaxy Note 8, and one of them is the Parallax case. This is actually one of their more popular case lines for any device. That's likely due to how good it looks, and the fact that it adds quite a bit of grip to the device, and with most smartphones going the glass route, adding grip is definitely important.

Caseology sells the Parallax case in five different colors: black (the color that we have here), burgundy, aqua green, ocean gray and orchid gray. Besides the black color, the others are two tones, where the case is one color and the frame is another. Since this is a dual-layer case, it really makes it stand out and look good. For instance, the orchid gray color is actually black, and the frame is orchid gray. It still looks nice, especially on a black Galaxy Note 8.


As mentioned, this is a dual-layer case, which has a TPU layer that goes against the Galaxy Note 8 to keep it safe, and then a polycarbonate material for the frame. The reasoning behind going dual-layer is to provide more protection for your device, without making the device a lot thicker – like an OtterBox case would. The polycarbonate case is there to absorb shock when the Galaxy Note 8 is dropped. What this means is that if you drop your Galaxy Note 8, the case will take all of the damage instead of the Galaxy Note 8, and let's face it, that's the real reason why you put a case on your smartphone anyways. Since replacing a case is much cheaper than the display or even the entire Galaxy Note 8.  Caseology does also drop test these cases with the Galaxy Note 8 inside, so it is drop proof, but depending on how far it goes when dropped, it still may not completely protect the Galaxy Note 8 from being damaged. For instance, if it gets dropped from a third-story building, it likely won't come away unscathed.

On the back of the Parallax case here, you'll find one big opening for the camera module and the fingerprint sensor. This actually makes it easier to use the fingerprint sensor, as you aren't hunting for it blindly, you can find the edge of the case and there is the sensor. Much better than touching the camera and getting fingerprints all of the lens. At the bottom of the case, you'll find four holes. There is one for the 3.5mm headphone jack, another for the USB-C jack, one for the microphone and then one for the speaker and S Pen silo. Speaking of the S Pen silo, the Parallax case does make it a little difficult to take out the S Pen, but not as bad as some of the other cases on the market. Generally it gets tougher with the thicker cases. So a really rugged case might make it impossible to take out the S Pen.


As far as the buttons go, there aren't cut outs there, but there are indentations so you can see where the buttons are and press them when needed. This section of the case is actually still TPU instead of polycarbonate, which makes the buttons very clicky. And using a case keeps you from pressing that Bixby button by mistake – although Samsung has now made it easier to disable that within Bixby so that shouldn't be much of an issue for most people.

The backside of the Parallax case, has a really nice design, which not only looks nice but also serves a purpose. And that purpose is to hold onto the Galaxy Note 8 better. And it does that well. The Galaxy Note 8 is far less slippery in the Parallax case compared to using the Galaxy Note 8 without a case. So that's an important aspect for this case, and perhaps the main reason anyone would buy it. While the Parallax pattern on the back helps, the ridges on the side of the Galaxy Note 8 also help to keep it in your hand.

The Caseology Parallax cases for the Galaxy Note 8 are available now, they are priced at $14.99 which is a pretty good price for what you're getting here. It's about in the middle of the range for smartphone cases these days. It's a good, high-quality case from Caseology that will keep your Galaxy Note 8 protected in virtually every circumstance, and also give you great peace of mind when it comes to everyday usage with the Galaxy Note 8.

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