Caseology Parallax Case Adds Award-Winning Design To Galaxy Note 8

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Caseology is already well-known for its extensive selection of smartphone accessories and especially when it comes to protective solutions for smartphones. Following the recent release of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, Caseology announced its case lineup for the latest Samsung flagship smartphone. For those planning on picking up a Galaxy Note 8 anytime soon, here are the Caseology Note 8 cases you will want to consider.

Parallax Series


Of the new cases from Caseology, the Parallax Series is certainly one of the most interesting. This is due to this series employing an award-winning geometric design comprised of a three-dimensional textured cover. The result of which is that the Parallax Series not only looks different to other cases, but also feels different. As the three-dimensional textured cover results in the Parallax Series adopting an improved level of grip. Culminating in a range of cases that is not only easier to hold, but more comfortable when held. An aspect which has helped the Parallax Series to be awarded a Good Design Selection Award of 2016, and in turn, has become one of the best-selling case series on the market.

So who is this case for? Well, anyone really. Undoubtedly, this is the type of case that will ideally suit those looking for a more fashionable case, or one which sports a more modern look to it. However, due to this also being a protective case which utilizes dual layer technology for twice the protection, this case range will equally suit those just looking for a sturdy and durable case. For those consumers, the added grip will simply be a bonus on top of what is already a case designed to offer the ultimate protection for the Galaxy Note 8. Speaking of the protection, the Parallax Series is largely made up of a TPU sleeve along with a PC frame which together look to provide the basis of the protection, while also ensuring that this case remains slim and lightweight. In the detail, the Parallax Series also includes a shock absorbing interior pattern intended to provide additional protection by dispersing the shock during an encounter. So this case literally absorbs all impact while keeping the phone out of harm’s way.

Of course, if the Parallax Series is not quite what you’re looking for, Caseology also has a number of other cases designed with the Galaxy Note 8 in mind.


Legion Series

While the Parallax Series places its focus on its design and protection, the Legion Series is all about the protection. So think of this as a more heavy-duty case, and one which will pull out all the stops to ensure your Galaxy Note 8 is protected as much as it can be. However, just because this one is not as appearance-centered as the Parallax Series, doesn’t mean you cannot have a customized experience. As the Legion Series is available for the Galaxy Note 8 in a number of colors, including Charcoal Gray, Aqua Green, and Warm Gray.


Skyfall Series

If you are the type of person who prefers not to cover up a smartphone with a case, then the Skyfall Series is the one for you. As this case series is purpose-designed to ensure that all of the Galaxy Note 8 design elements are on show, all the time. Although, as this is a protective case, it will also keep your Galaxy Note 8 protected. For those looking for a lightweight and almost invisible level of protection, this is the case to check out.


Vault Series

Then there is the Vault Series. In many ways, this case series looks to combat the issue of added protection resulting in more bulk. While this case range is bulkier than the likes of Skyfall, it is one which offers a similar level of protection to the Legion Series, but within a much lighter body. The Vault Series accomplishes this through the use of shock deflection where the case deflects impact force away from the device. A nice option for those looking for a lightweight, but protection-focused case for the Galaxy Note 8.


Available on Amazon

If you are looking for a new case for the Galaxy Note 8, then all of the Caseology cases mentioned above are now available to buy directly from Amazon. Although, if you are also in the market for a screen protector for the Galaxy Note 8, or maybe even a pair of headphones, then it is worth checking out the entire lineup of products on offer from Caseology.

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