Caseology Legion Case Provides Maximum Protection For Galaxy Note 8


No matter which smartphone you currently own, Caseology has a case for it. As well as offering a wide selection of cases for a wide-selection of smartphones, Caseology also offers different cases for each smartphone, meeting the needs of different consumers. Now with the Galaxy Note 8 having arrived and with pre-orders currently underway, here are the Galaxy Note 8 case options on offer from Caseology.

Legion Series


Most cases provide some degree of protection for your smartphone. For example, all of Caseology's Galaxy Note 8 cases offer a solid level of protection. However, cases like the Legion Series are more than just cases that offer protection, as these are cases purpose-made to offer the highest possible levels of protection available.

As the Legion Series is a case range which sports dual layer technology. Which in basic terms means it offers twice the level of protection. Adopting not only the protection on offer with a TPU sleeve, but also the protection on offer with a polycarbonate hard cover. Adding to that, this range employs a military-inspired design which not only results in a more modern look, but looks to achieve this while reducing the level of bulk associated with a heavy duty case. In short, all of the protection with a minimal level of baggage.

Furthermore, the sleeve itself comes with its own additional level of protection due to its shock absorbing interior pattern. One which looks to disperse shock on impact, further protecting the Galaxy Note 8. If all that was not enough, the air cushions embedded in the corners of the frame ensure the corners are designed to hold up as well as the rest of the case. So while there are cases that will offer very good levels of protection, there are those that offer greater levels of protection like the Legion Series. Making this case range an ideal option for those specifically looking for heightened levels of durability. Whether you are just looking to ensure the Galaxy Note 8 is even more protected during daily life encounters, or for those looking for a more rugged case to protect the phone while pursuing outdoor activities and surviving more extreme environments, the Legion Series is one to check out. While those looking for a more customized experience will be able to take advantage of the different color options on offer, such as Charcoal Gray, Aqua Green, and Warm Gray.


Parallax Series

The Parallax Series from Caseology is another case series which will offer the level of protection you are looking for. However, this is also a case which comes with an award-winning design due to the inclusion of a three-dimensional textured cover. One which adds further grip to the case, resulting in a more comfortable and improved holding experience. Those looking for a more stylish protection case will probably want to take a closer look at the Parallax Series.


Skyfall Series

The Skyfall Series is a case range designed to ensure that a smartphone is not hidden away beneath the case. Which is of particular importance with phones like the Galaxy Note 8 where the design of the phone is one worth showing off. Therefore, the Skyfall Series is ideally suited to those looking for a more invisible level of protection.


Vault Series

In many ways, the Vault Series is very similar to the Legion Series. After all, they both place protection at the core, and both do offer extended levels of protection compared to other cases. However, the Vault Series looks to achieve this within a lighter body. So if you are looking for a case that is heavy on the protection without being heavy in general, the Vault Series case for the Galaxy Note 8 could be the one for you.


Available on Amazon

For those in the market for a new case for the Galaxy Note 8, the Legion Case, as well as the other cases detailed here are all now available to buy and can be purchased directly through Amazon. However, it is also worth checking out the entire lineup of products on offer through Caseology, as this company offer more than just cases. Need a new pair of headphones? Or a screen protector for the Galaxy Note 8? Head through the link below.

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