Capcom Announces New Puzzle Fighter Game For Mobile

Capcom has announced an all new Puzzle Fighter game that will be coming soon to Android and iOS. Titled simply Puzzle Fighter, the game will bring unique blend of versus combat and fast-paced block-matching puzzles to mobile for the first time. The game was made from the ground up as a mobile title, with gameplay familiar to the fans of the series, but with modern graphics and plethora of new characters from various Capcom games like Resident Evil, Devil May Cry and Mega Man. This will be mostly a competitive versus game with robust online functionality.

The original Puzzle Fighter was an arcade game launched in 1996. Created as a spin-off of the main Street Fighter series, Puzzle Fighter featured familiar cast of fighters drawn in cute chibi form which is a style of Japanese caricature. Gameplay-wise, the games in this series were puzzles similar to Tetris, but instead requiring players to match colors of falling blocks and therefore strike their opponent. This time around, players will get to pick three characters to bring into fights, with one being a main character and the other two being support characters that passively enhance the main character’s abilities and attacks. The chibi art style is present in the new version, too, although in higher resolution and the characters are presented as full 3D models instead of 2D animated sprites. As for the cast, Capcom has so far revealed Ryu, Ken, E. Honda and Chun-Li from the Street Fighter series, as well as Jill from Resident Evil, Frank West from Dead Rising, Mike Haggar from Final Fight, X from Mega Man X, and Morrigan from Darkstalkers. Each of the characters should come with their own unique abilities, special moves and voice overs. Considering games like these are best played against live opponents, Puzzle Fighter will have real-time multiplayer battles against other players, replicating the thrill of playing on the same console.

Mobile Puzzle Fighter will be a free to play title and PAX West visitors will be the first to test the game this weekend in Seattle at Capcom’s booth. Japanese developer plans to soft-launch the game in select regions soon, with worldwide release planned for late 2017. Exact dates are still unspecified, as well as methods of monetization in the game and other features. Capcom has also released a short teaser trailer that doesn't actually show any gameplay and a set of screenshots. You can check them all out down below.

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