You Can Preload Terra Battle 2 With Gameplay Opening Tonight

You can preload Terra Battle 2 on your device as the game is now available for download in the Play Store, and gameplay opens up this evening at 11PM Pacific Standard Time. Mistwalker Corporation, the company behind this game and the first Terra Battle doesn't mention why the game isn't playable right now, just that it won't be opening up until later tonight. While not common, this sort of thing has happened before with other games so it's not completely unheard of, and the game is likely having servers and such brought online for players. Why then, you might ask, would Mistwalker publish the game if it isn't ready to go? Likely to allow players to prepare for the main game assets, but whatever the reasoning this will probably build up some excitement for players and long-time fans of the original game.

For those that have never played Terra Battle, it's an RPG, but not like those with massive open worlds or the type of turn by turn combat you'd find in JRPGs. The gameplay is much more centered around a tactical style of play. You and your enemies have characters placed on a game board during battles, and you must move your characters around the board to initiate attacks and "outflank" them. Moving your characters one way may result in an immediate devastating attack for your enemy, but may also open you up to a similar attack from your enemies, so you will have to think a little bit strategically to ensure you survive and can move onto the next battle.

In between battles there is plenty of story content to tie everything together and bring in part of the RPG element. You can also create new characters by combining skills that you acquire throughout your adventure and use those new characters in future battles later in the game. This new game comes with a brand new world map, as well as the ability to set up your formations before entering a battle to allow for a more strategic setup, all to the tune of some rather compelling and epic music that one could expect from an RPG. This is a free to play game, so expect in-app purchases, and if you're interested in giving it a try, you can download the game now from the Play Store button below and be ready for when the gameplay goes live.

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