You Can Finally Change Your Gmail Password From Your Phone


Gmail users on Android finally have the option to change their Google account password from their phone, among other new options, many of which users have been asking about for quite some time. Along with your password, you'll be able to change your basic profile information and privacy settings as well as other options, all of which previously required logging into the desktop Gmail client. This change allows you to edit the details of any of your accounts. In order to access the new settings, just go into your settings menu within the app, tap on the profile that you want to edit, and go into "My Account." As an aside, the same update also brings the ability to undo archiving an email by tapping on the "Undo" button that will pop up in a bar along the bottom of the screen whenever a message is archived.

These new features mean that your Android device can now easily be your all-in-one Google account management console, for most users. While those who have AdSense figures to keep up with, Blogger blogs to run, or YouTube channels to maintain still can't do some things in those respective apps as well as they can in the desktop client, the vast majority of Google account and service users will be able to keep their account secure and details up to date from right inside the Gmail app. This could already be done from your phone in a variety of ways, but up until now, there has never been a relatively painless and officially endorsed way to take care of such tasks.

This change is actually addressing two common pain points among Android users; the fact that some fairly basic tasks require a desktop, and that, as such, users can never really depend on their phone to be their only computing device. Editing account details has always been a rather important computing task, and changing your password is practically essential for security these days. With this change, a large crop of users will find that they no longer have to go through the hassle of using account tools in Desktop mode on Chrome, or getting to their nearest computer.


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