Bezel-Less Meizu 'mblu ZERO' Appears In A Leaked Render

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An alleged leaked render emerging from Twitter earlier today is fueling the recent rumors of Meizu developing a full-screen, i.e. bezel-less smartphone. The image carries the caption ‘New Display World’ alongside a device which is being referred to as the Meizu mblu ZERO, with the smartphone itself having round corners and almost no bezels. The source was unable to reveal any hardware specifications, but it seems logical to assume that if the Meizu mblu ZERO exists, it will likely fit in the premium market segment.

Recent rumors claimed that Meizu is working on a full-screen smartphone which will employ a system-on-chip provided by Qualcomm as opposed to MediaTek. The device is expected to fit in the high-end market and as a result, it wouldn’t be surprising if it would adopt the Snapdragon 835 SoC coupled with either 6GB or 8GB of RAM. The device is said to carry the codename ‘Ocean’ and should represent a large departure from the design language used by the recent Meizu PRO 7 & PRO 7 Plus flagships, both of which make use of a secondary display fitted on their back panels.


On the other hand, it should be reminded that, officially, Meizu has no intentions of launching a bezel-less smartphone before the end of the year. Earlier in May, Vice President Li Nan discussed Meizu’s thoughts on the full-screen smartphone design principles and revealed that the company’s designers are not entirely sold on the concept of a bezel-less device, arguing that practicality may suffer, and adding that this particular form factor poses an issue for the placement of fingerprint scanners – at least until in-panel fingerprint sensors become a reality in the near future. In fact, Meizu’s VP previously claimed that the company is working on something “awesome” for 2018, and while no other details have been given on Meizu’s exact plans, there is a possibility that this particular product will take the form of a bezel-less handset. Having said that, Meizu could be working on a new full-screen device at the moment, which may very well be the mblu ZERO seen above, however, the chances of a bezel-less device to be introduced by the company in the coming months seem rather slim.