Best VR Headsets – September 2017


If you've not yet picked up a VR headset there are probably plenty of reasons, or at least a few of them, why you've chosen to stay away from the platform for now, be it cost, choice, or simply because there's just not enough content that you're interested in for any of the platforms to justify spending the money on the headset for the platform that you want. If it's none of those things and you just don't know where to start when it comes to picking a headset, then we've got you covered as it's that time of the month again and we've rounded up ten headsets worth looking into that just might be a perfect fit. Some are obvious choices, some are not so obvious. Have a closer look and see if any fit your needs.

Google Cardboard

Google's Cardboard viewer will probably always be the first headset many people think of when considering one that is set at a very budget price. This is because it's insanely cheap to get one and despite actually being made of cardboard, the platform is very well supported and there's tons of apps for it already on the Play Store. It also supports iOS.

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Homido 3D VR Glass With VR Lens

If you like the idea of Google Cardboard, which is, the idea of an inexpensive VR headset that also has a lot of content to enjoy, but you want something a little more sturdy than the a piece of cardboard, this viewer from Homido is a good choice worth considering as it's made from polycarbonate material and it also supports both Android and iOS. There's a capacitive action button on the top too for interaction with content, though you will be spending about $30 due to the higher quality materials.

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AUKEY Cortex 4K VR Headset


The Cortex 4K VR headset is a nice option if you want something akin to the HTC Vive or Oculus Rift but at a bit cheaper of a price. It even supports both Oculus and Vive content so you'll get to play some of the same games you would with either of those headsets. It comes with integrated audio too, so the only thing you'll end up needing is the PC.

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Pico Goblin


It might have taken most of the year but the Pico Goblin is finally available for purchase, and while it will run you close to $300, that price is worth it for what you're getting, which is a fully standalone headset that needs no connection to a PC, no connection to a console, and no connection to a smartphone. That's right, everything is contained right in the headset itself. It even comes with a controller that looks and feels just like the Daydream controller so you can interact with content. If a standalone options is what you want, the Pico Goblin is what you're looking for, at least until HTC and Lenovo finally release their headsets at which point the Goblin will have some competition.

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Zeiss VR One Plus

This is pretty much a premium version of a Google Cardboard headset so expect all of the Cardboard content on the Play Store to be compatible here. If you have an iPhone, not to worry as the Zeiss VR One Plus works with iOS too. The other nice thing about this headset is the way in which you insert the phone. Instead of having the front visor that flips down or comes off like the Daydream View or Gear VR, there's a little compartment that slides out from the side.

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Google Daydream View

With Google's 2nd Gen. Daydream View headset on the horizon and due for an unveiling just next week Wednesday, the original Daydream View is still a great VR experience to be had for anyone with a compatible phone which includes quite a few options at this point compared to when it first launched. This is also one of the cheaper VR headset options coming in at around $70, and while this does support Android just like Cardboard, most of the content is of much higher quality.

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Samsung Gear VR With Controller


Samsung's Gear VR is hard to forget as it offers up a wealth of great content thanks in large part to Oculus handling the software side of things and bringing in a mobile version of the Oculus store to grab the content from. This only works with Galaxy devices, but the compatibility has been expanded to a number of different Galaxy phones at this point so the number of phones it does work with is about the same as the Daydream View. The content is also a bit more extensive as this has been out much longer than the Daydream View. Plus, now that it comes with the controller you can have a similar interaction experience to Daydream.

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Oculus Rift

At this point in the list we're getting back into the more expensive headsets, but that's where you're going to get the highest quality content with the best graphics. The Oculus Rift is kicking off this section of high-cost headsets, offering up a pretty large library of games and apps, coming with integrated audio, and having compatibility with not only the Xbox One controller, but also the Oculus Touch controllers for a more interactive and immersive experience. If you've got the PC hardware that's needed to power this headset or if you're planning to get it, definitely consider the Oculus Rift.

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PlayStation VR

Another high-quality option is going to be the PlayStation VR. Instead of connecting this to a PC though, as you can probably guess this connects to the PS4, which makes the cost of entry lower than the Oculus Rift as the PS4 will be much cheaper than a powerful PC. The headset itself is a bit cheaper too, starting at just $399 for the headset by itself. The library of VR games isn't as big but it is growing, and if you're a PS4 gamer than this might be the best option for VR anyway.

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HTC Vive

Last but certainly not least is the HTC Vive, making it to the top of this list again since it's still available at the cheaper $599 price, which is $200 cheaper than it was originally. This gives the Vive an almost unmatched value as all of the content for it comes from Steam, and there's a ton of it. It also comes with some of the most advanced VR tech of all the options on this list like the camera and sensors on the front that help you know where you are in the room, and see stuff a certain distance in front of you so you don't run into walls or trip over chairs or other things. It doesn't come with integrated audio like the Rift, but it does come with the controllers, and you can get some pretty decent audio attachments if you'd rather have them over a pair of traditional headphones.

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