Best Android Apps – Wine – September 2017


There are quite a few wine apps available in the Google Play Store, but not many of them are particularly good. Wine apps are not as common as SMS apps, launchers, and so on, so that's not exactly a surprise. In any case, we've compiled a list of top 10 wine applications that you can check out, nine of which are spot on wine-related, while the last one is a bit of a bonus. Do keep in mind that these apps are listed in no specific order.

Vivino Wine Scanner


Vivino's Wine Scanner app is one of the best-known wine-related apps out there. This application's goal is to make your shopping for wine quick and simple. Using this app, you can capture a photo of a wine label, and then search for that wine in Vivino's database. You will be able to see ratings, reviews, average price of that wine, and also various suggestions related to that particular wine. This app actually comes with a number of additional options in case you're interested in checking it out.

Delectable Wine – Scan & Rate


The Delectable Wine app is actually somewhat similar to Vivino, and also quite popular while it also offers a really nice design. Using this app, you can also capture a photo of a wine label, after which you'll get a bevy of information regarding that particular wine, including reviews and what not. Using this app, you can also follow top winemakers, add your testing wine tasting notes, tag people and locations and so on.


Wine Dictionary

Let's say you are in a restaurant, and you line a wine you've never tasted before. Well, with the Wine Dictionary, all you have to do is locate the wine you've tasted using its name and you'll get a ton of information regarding it. Using this app, you can learn quite a bit about wine, no matter if you're a novice or a pro, as it contains plenty of info, including which grapes are used for a particular wine sort, for example.


SWE Wine and Spirits Trivia


This application is actually quite different than any other on this list, and it offers a really nice design on top of it. The SWE Wine and Spirits Trivia app actually challenges you to a quiz, as it features five categories and ten level filled with questions regarding wine. There are various topics included here, like red wine, white wine distilled spirits and so on. All 500 questions included here were created by SWE's Director of Education by the way.

Wine Picker: Ultimate Wine App


The Wine Picker app will suggest the best wines at any given restaurant, which is quite helpful if you're wine aficionado and are looking for a place to eat in a new town, or something of the sort. This app is actually quite complex, it offers wine suggestions, as it can match wines with food, it includes wine tasting notes, wine reviews, and so on. This app currently only has content for the US and the UK, at least based on its description in the Play Store.


Wine Rater Free

The Wine Rater Free app is actually quite interesting, as it will allow you to rate various types of wines, in detail. This application brings forth a 100-point scale for rating wine, which is used in international competitions and prestigious publications. You will be rating various wine aspects, including intensity, harmony, color, clarity, and so on. This app does contain ads, by the way, but it's free to use.

Cheese & Wine

The Cheese & Wine app brings forth a rather detailed list of the world's cheeses and wines, along with their descriptions. Now, wine and cheese pairings are also listed in this app, just in case some of you are having a hard time combining the two. This app's design is not exactly modern, but it's still rather pleasing to the eye, as long as you're not expecting to see Material Design, or something of the sort.

Wine Making Recipes & Logger

This is a rather interesting app, especially for you who are planning on making your own wine. You can use this app's log to keep track of your recipes, and record the wine-making process as well. This app contains a list of wine-making equipment and uses, as well as a list of common wine-making additives, along with their function. You can display recipes in metric or imperial units, and this app is free to use, though it comes with both ads and in-app purchases.

Wine App

The Wine App is not exactly the most popular wine-related application in the Google Play Store, but it can be quite useful to some people. This application contains a list of wine roads, wine-making companies, wine shops, and so on. Using this app you can easily reach specific events, enjoy exclusive deals, and so on. The app comes with an integrated QR code reader, and it also supports push notifications.

AlcDroid Alcohol Tester

The AlcDroid Alcohol Tester is not exactly a wine app per say, but it can be quite useful if you're planning on drinking a lot of wine in one sitting. This app can give you an approximate of your alcohol blood level, with details stats. You will need to lay out your age, weight, drink volume, and so on, in order for the app to do the calculations for you. Do keep in mind that this app cannot be 100 percent accurate, but it can give you a close approximate.