Best Android Apps — Sobriety — September 2017


Many of us all love a good drink at the end of a hard day, but alcohol can often be more trouble than it's worth if you're not able to control yourself or simply can't tell when you had enough until it's too late. Driving under the influence is never a good decision and being completely wasted can often ruin your evening more than it makes it, so if you're on the looking to keep your habit in check or stop drinking altogether, below you'll find the ten best Android apps that will allow you to do so, all of which can be downloaded from the Google Play Store free of charge.

AlcoDroid Alcohol Tracker


AlcoDroid may look like it was designed half a decade ago and that's because it was, but this is still a regularly updated mobile app compatible with all contemporary Android devices which will allow you to keep track of your approximate blood alcohol content in a relatively simple manner and let you know when it's time to either stop drinking or give your car keys to your friend as a responsible person that you are.

Sober Time


Regardless of whether you want to stop drinking or just reduce the volume of alcohol you consume and the frequency at which you drink, Sober Time will help you keep track of precisely that – the time when you're not under the influence. This SocioSoft-made tool can even be used for logging your nicotine-free periods and let you know what you have accomplished while staying away from other bad habits so if you need some digital motivation to start living a healthier life, Sober Time is a great help in doing so.

Drunk Werewolf vs Lucy Lee


That urge you have to continue drinking like there's no tomorrow is essentially a fiend that you have to fight, so do it right now by hitting it in the head with a cactus or a lobster in this absolutely ridiculous and highly entertaining mobile game. And if you think creating a mobile RPG about a woman arming herself and learning karate to take revenge on her drunk husband is crazy, being that drunk is even more so, which is what this unconventional game will gladly remind you of.

Sober Grid


Just like its name suggests, Sober Grid is a social network for sober individuals looking to support one another by talking both online and in person, depending on one's preferences. Apart from having all functionalities of a traditional social network, the app also supports a safe riding system which allows you to either offer your help by driving people to local recovery meetings or hitch a ride yourself.

Habit Tracker


Habit Tracker is an organizational app that wasn't specifically designed for managing one's alcohol consumption but is versatile enough to do precisely that, in addition to providing you with a wide variety of other features. Regardless of whether you're looking to quit or simply want a reliable tool for keeping track of your habits in order to make sure you're drinking in moderation, this App Holdings-made mobile service is certainly worth a try.

I Am Sober


You may not be sober yet but you will be with the help of this pocket companion which was designed to proactively encourage you to ditch alcohol and adopt a healthier lifestyle. If you're having trouble self-motivating but think you can still change your ways on your own with some automated help, I Am Sober is your best bet as far as Android apps are concerned.



Sure, you went on a night out and had one or ten too many; it happens, but that doesn't mean you should try driving yourself home because such a decision is never worth it and you're risking both your life and those of other people. Just hail an Uber and stay safe, you'll thank yourself in the morning.

Sobriety Counter

Mario Hanna's Sobriety Counter is far from the only Android app of its kind on the Google Play Store but it's certainly the most colorful one, in addition to being designed for people who quit or are in the process of quitting drinking, as well as those who just want to consume alcohol in a responsible manner. Better yet, it's packed with a plethora of educational content, optional gamified tracking mechanics, and is completely free, so there's no reason not to try it yourself.

Hotel Tonight

If you're intoxicated, far from home, and aren't in the mood for being driven around, your best bet is to crash at a nearby hotel or motel with a room to spare. As finding one in the middle of the night is easier said than done, you could certainly use some help, and that's where Hotel Tonight comes into play, with this app being capable of finding the ideal accommodations for you at any point in the day all over the world.

AA 12 Step App

While the vast majority of apps on this list aren't designed for actual alcoholics but people who are looking to live a healthier life, the AA 12 Step App was made with input from professionals and will help you move forward once you're ready to admit you have a problem by providing you with a robust set of activity management tools, as well as contacts for medical experts, potential sponsors, and recovery meetings.