Best Android Apps – Oktoberfest – September 2017


If you're favorite time of year is right about now, then there's a chance that you're a fan of Oktoberfest, the time of year when you can get together with friends and family and drink tons of German beer, eat great German food, dance to German music, and even dress up in some Lederhosen and a festive hat. Of course, you don't have to go so far as the Lederhosen, but this is the perfect time of year to enjoy the other stuff. Oktoberfest is held in many places around the world, but the official Oktoberfest is held in Germany and actually started back on September 16th. The good news is that it goes until October 3rd so there is still plenty of time left to enjoy it if you're in the area, and if not, then you may live somewhere where the festival hasn't started yet. If you plan to celebrate Oktoberfest or just feel like having your own little Oktoberfest-themed party, there are tons of apps that can help make the occasion more festive.

Google Maps

First and foremost Google Maps can be a super helpful application for many things, including for getting to Oktoberfest. Whether you're actually traveling to Germany to enjoy the festivities and have never been and don't know your way around the city, or if you're just traveling to a festival elsewhere and need directions, Google Maps can get you there.


Google Play Music

Keeping with the Google theme, Google Play Music is perfect for putting on some traditional German music for Oktoberfest to get you in the spirit of celebration whether you're on your way to a festival or just hosting your own Oktoberfest party at home. Plus, since the app is compatible with Chromecast, you can easily stream the music to any speakers with Chromecast built in if you have them, or your TV if you have a Chromecast plugged in.

Wisen 2017 – Oktoberfest 2017


If you're actually attending Oktoberfest, then you may want a handy application that contains everything from maps of the festival grounds to a counter to help you keep track of how many litres of beer you've had, which should be useful if you're trying to pace yourself and make sure you and everyone else has a safe time. Wisen 2017 can be that app as it has these things, plus it contains a program that will tell you about the different events happening during the time that you  go, information on public transport and directions to the festival from where you are in the city, and it even has Bavarian dictionary with translated phrases if you need them.

Oktoberfest 3D Map

If you all you need is a map of the festival grounds and nothing else, this is an app which should be able to serve those needs. In addition to showing you a 3D map of the different tents and all the surroundings, the map is also interactive so you can tap on objects and get more information about them.


Bayerisch Übersetzer

This app is perfect for helping you with certain translations for things like food, basic questions and even more difficult phrases and words. If you don't speak German and you plan on attending Oktoberfest in Germany, then this might be a helpful app to check out.

Google Translate


Of course, if you're looking to translate just about anything, Google can help in this particular area too. It offers up pretty good translation of words and phrases, and you can either speak or type the phrases or words into the app and get your results back. You even have the ability to take pictures of wording and have it translated after you snap the shot, which comes in handy if you're trying to read something in German instead of just asking to learn what the correct translation of something would be. What's more, is that German is one of the languages that supports the instant translate feature, which means you can hold the camera up to whatever you're trying to read and the app will translate it for you right then and there in just a second.

Wisen FindMe

Another good app to check out and which might be useful for you is Wisen FindMe, which is purely for helping you locate friends and family, or whoever it is you're meeting up with at the event. You basically open the app, find a place where you decide to meet or where you're currently at, mark it on the map, then send it off to the other person or people. They can the see your location or the location of the meeting place and you can all make your way there.


Oktoberfest Bier Frau

Oktoberfest is about fun and celebration and what better way to get in the spirit then have a little fun playing an Oktoberfest-themed game? Oktoberfest Bier Frau lets you play as a Bier Frau who delivers beer to thirsty patrons and festival goers. Controls are relatively easy as you tilt your device for movement, and the faster you deliver the beer the happier the customer, and the more you get tipped. Simple, fun, and great for passing the time.


Like similar options on this list, offers up 3D maps of the festival with information about points on the map, quizzes for a little bit of fun, and even a cool little photo section that lets you add the Oktoberfest logo to your pictures that you take through the app. Of course, there's also a countdown, though this is really only useful if you're using it before the festival begins, which already started back on September 16th.

Oktoberfest – The Official App Of Munich

Last but certainly not least is the Oktoberfest app, the official app of Munich. This is the official app for the Oktoberfest application for Munich and includes all kinds of useful information and guides, tips, and more about the festival and everything going on, complete with maps of the event and beautiful pictures to help you get an idea of how the festival looks. It's even got a friend finder if you just arrive or if you get lost and need to meet back up.