Best Android Apps – NFL – September 2017

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NFL season is just about to start, and those of you who are looking forward to new, exciting matches, are probably also looking for some apps which will help you keep track of what’s going on. Well, we’ve compiled a list of ten applications that you may be interested in, as these apps will provide you with plenty of NFL-related info; some of them specialize in scores and statistics, while others will send news your way. Do keep in mind that the apps below are not listed in a specific order and only entail our top picks out of the existing ton of NFL-related apps available on the Google Play Store.

Sports Alerts – NFL Edition


The Sports Alerts app is here to provide you with timely and detailed scores updates for NFL games. This app comes with ads and in-app purchases, but it also offers a really simple-to-navigate UI, with all of the necessary NFL info being right there at the tip of your fingers. You can also get standard game alerts and player-specific alerts via this application, as push notifications are part of the package.

SofaScore Live Score


SofaScore is one of the most popular live score applications out there, and not only does it report NFL scores, but also results of various other sports, including soccer, basketball, volleyball, Formula 1, and so on. This application offers a really simple UI, yet it provides a ton of details regarding every single game, while you can also check out various stats that you might be interested in at the same time.


NFL Mobile

NFL Mobile is a very versatile app, and one of the most popular NFL apps out there, if not the most popular one. This app currently has over 50 and 100 million downloads and comes with some ads. You will be able to check various replays from NFL games via this tool, while you can also check replays from any game with an NFL Game Pass which is subscription-based. You can follow what’s going on in pretty much every game, minute-by-minute reports are available, and there’s a ton more content here for you to check out.


Football NFL 2017 Schedule, Live Scores, & Stats


Football NFL 2017 app brings forth scheduled live scores and various statistics. This app also offers a really simple UI, and you’re getting tons of various stats here. You can receive live updates via the service, while various filters are also part of the package, just in case you’re interested in following a particular team, division, or conference. This app also comes with ads and is currently holding a 4.5-star rating on the Google Play Store.

2017 Football Schedule (NFL)


The 2017 Football Schedule (NFL) is an app with a rather self-explanatory name, being designed with a focus on NFL scores and schedule. The app, like many others on this list, offers plenty of statistics and other data, and its UI is extremely intuitive and will appeal to people who prefer straightforward layouts. This application is free to use, but it comes with ads, which is something worth mentioning.


CBS Sports App – Scores, News, Stats & Watch Live

CBS Sport is a very well-known app for sports enthusiasts, and those of you who are interested in NFL content, you’ll find plenty of that here. The app supports push notifications, and you can also find news, scores, and stats in it. You can actually select your favorite teams and receive specific updates and news as well. This application is free to use but comes with ads, like many other apps on this list.


ESPN, much like CBS Sports, is a really popular app in the U.S. This app has been downloaded between 10 and 50 million times and is currently holding a 4.2-star rating on the Google Play Store. You will find a ton of NFL-related info in it, with the service also being available for Android TV, in case you own it. You can even live-stream games through WatchESPN, in case you’re interested in that. The solution can be downloaded free of charge, though you should expect to see some in-app advertising.

Fanatics NFL

If you’re looking to purchase some goods for the NFL season in order to get your cheer on, well, this app has you covered. Fanatics NFL offers a wide range of licensed NFL merchandise for you to browse through, from brands like Nike and New Era to the exclusive Pro Line by Fanatics. The design of the app is also really nice, as it’s extremely easy to navigate, in addition to being free to use.

TuneIn Radio

In case you prefer audio to video, or are just not able to watch a specific NFL game, well, you can always stream it through TuneIn Radio. This app is capable of streaming all sorts of sports, not only NFL games, in case you were wondering. The TuneIn Radio Android app has been downloaded over 100 million times thus far and is currently holding a 4.4-star rating on the Google Play Store. While it is free to use, it comes with both ads and in-app purchases.

Yahoo Sports

Yahoo Sports is similar to some other apps on this list, as it tries to be everything at once, being designed to act as your live score app, news aggregator, stats tool, etc. In fact, you can watch game highlights via Yahoo’s service, and the app also offers a very clean design that most of you will probably find appealing. The app has been downloaded somewhere between one and five million times, and people generally seem to really like it, as it holds a 4.5-star rating on the Google Play Store.