AUKEY Slimline 10,000mAh Power Bank Review


AUKEY is another one of the bigger names in the world of smartphone accessories, especially when it comes to power banks. The company recently released a slimmer, 10,000mAh battery pack that is of course slimmer but also lighter. We have been using this battery pack recently, in the travel we've done for various launch events recently, and it has worked out great for us. Now it's time to give our complete thoughts on AUKEY's new power bank, and whether it's worth picking up.

First up, the build quality of this battery pack is top notch. It has a soft touch plastic material around it, which does pick up dust, fingerprints and such very easily, but it keeps the battery pack lightweight. It also looks really nice. At the top, you'll find two USB-A ports, both of which do output of 2.4A. Unfortunately there is no Quick Charge 3.0 available here, but 2.4A output is still plenty fast for most smartphones. There is also a flash light at the front, a feature that a lot of companies include in their battery packs, but a lot of people don't think about how that could really come in handy. It's a nice feature to have. Now on one side you'll have the micro USB port for charging up this battery pack, and the other side is the power button and four LED indicator lights to let you know how much juice is left in the battery pack. Since there are four, and the capacity is 10,000mAh, each light represents roughly 2,500mAh of juice.


This battery pack is shorter than the Galaxy Note 8 (closer to the Galaxy S8), but about the same thickness as the Galaxy Note 8 with a rather thin case on it. So that shows you just how thick this battery is, which isn't thick at all. I was able to walk around with this battery in my pocket charging the Galaxy Note 8, with it in the same pocket. That is something you can't do with a lot of battery packs, especially those with 16,000mAh capacity. And it definitely makes it convenient, when you're out and maybe don't have a bag with you to keep the battery pack in. But your phone will still have a charge to last the entire day. Which is of course important for everyone.

Now, AUKEY did not include Quick Charge 3.0 here, that was likely to keep this a slim battery pack as Quick Charge 3.0 does need a bit more power for output which would require more room inside the battery pack. But both of the USB ports do support output of up to 2.4A. That speed is plenty fast for smartphones, and will still charge your smartphone quickly. Now if your smartphone can't handle 2.4A (which is very unlikely), it will only send as much current as your smartphone can handle. So that it does not get damaged during the charging process. Interestingly enough, input is only up to 2A, so you can discharge the battery faster than charging it. There's likely some technical reasons for the input being only 2A – again likely due to keeping the battery pack slim and light. This will charge something like the Galaxy Note 8 twice before it needs to be recharged again. It can actually do a little more than two full recharges (around two and a half, give or take). Which should be enough to keep your Galaxy Note 8 going for a couple of days, depending on how much you use the device.


This battery pack from AUKEY is definitely one worth picking up. If you are looking for something that is slim and lightweight, this is the route to go. Especially if you don't need Quick Charge 3.0 (as 2.4A is the same speed as Quick Charge 2.0), then there's no reason not to pick this one up. And you can grab it from Amazon for under $25 typically.

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