Armis Now Has A Free BlueBorne Exploit Vulnerability Scanner


Armis Security has now released a vulnerability checker for Android specifically designed to test whether or not a given device is susceptible to the newly discovered Blueborne exploit. The app, which is called "BlueBorne Vulnerability Scanner by Armis," is presumably associated with the very same Armis Labs that discovered the exploit. As to the exploit that the application has been to designed to check for, it was recently discovered that a device without the September 2017 Android security patch could effectively be hijacked using Bluetooth. Making matters worse, a device would not even need to be paired with any other devices in order for the exploit to be taken advantage of. That means any attack implemented with Blueborne could easily hijack a device, steal personal data, and spread via a botnet.

As with other apps falling into the security category, BlueBorne Vulnerability Scanner is straightforward to use. After downloading the application, users can click a button to check whether or not the exploit could be used to access their Android device. However, Armis has taken things a step further and includes a secondary tool – accessible either through the in-app menu or immediately after a scan – which will scan other devices within range to see whether or not they may also be vulnerable. That includes smart televisions, tablets, and pretty much any other devices that happen to be Bluetooth enabled. If a user's device is found to be affected, the app will recommend that the user either checks for a patch or contacts the manufacturer. Beyond that, Armis is taking to opportunity to allow users to request a full security assessment of their IoT environment, in case any other vulnerabilities might exist. Additionally, the app will, of course, also give users a full rundown of how the BlueBorne exploit works and more information about Armis. Each of those options is available through the in-app menu.

Thankfully, for anybody worried about whether they may be vulnerable, BlueBorne Vulnerability Scanner is also completely free to use. That means that anybody interested in checking it out can hit the Play Store button below to know for certain whether or not they are affected and to get an idea about which other devices they own may present security risks.


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