AR Helmet Skully Revived As Founders Form A New Company

Skully Promo

Skully Inc. and its AR-enabled Skully helmet may be getting a second chance thanks to a new startup from co-founders Ivan and Rafael Contreras called Skully Technologies. That’s according to reported emails received by people who had previously subscribed the firm’s newsletter. In the email, Ivan Contreras – who acts as President of Skully Technologies – says that the new company acquired all of the assets and that the firm is determined to “make this right” for those backers who helped contribute to the project but never received a Skully helmet. Moreover, the message said that fans of the product should keep an eye out since more information on the matter should follow in the near future. The email didn’t contain too many other details aside from noting that Skully Technologies would be based out of Atlanta, Georgia.

For those who may not remember, Skully was initially a startup that intended to make motorcycle helmets which utilized an AR-driven head-up-display (HUD) to provide riders with pertinent information. After raising nearly $2.5 million on Indiegogo after its inception in 2014, the company filed for bankruptcy in 2016. News that the brand is being revived by some of Skully’s co-founders under a different company may be met positively backers who supported the product with a minimum of $1,499 for one of the helmets. That’s especially likely since the bankruptcy left those backers without anything to show for their investment, which is something that the firm’s co-founders are now hoping to rectify.

With that said, it bears repeating that there are not many details to go on and no real indication as to exactly how Skully Technologies intends to rectify the situation for the aforementioned backers. It could be that the new company plans to deliver on the earlier promised orders and actually ship Android-powered Skully headsets to backers of the original Skully helmet. However, Skully Technologies is under no legal obligation to fulfill any commitments made under the previous company, meaning there is no guarantee that backers will receive a new Skully AR-enabled helmet. In fact, it may be best not to speculate at all until Skully Technologies comes forward with more information about its intentions.