Amazon Expands The Echo Show To Germany & The UK

echo show

Amazon is expanding the Echo Show to Germany and the UK as it sets out to reach more consumers with one of its latest Echo speakers that you can currently buy. The announcement was made today during its hardware event in Seattle, Washington, where it also revealed multiple new products in the Echo lineup including the Echo Connect for making voice calls using an Echo speaker, and the all-new Echo Plus, a premium version of the Echo with enhanced features like Dolby Processing for improved audio quality.

Much like the other Echo products it announced today for the U.S., the Echo Show is already available for pre-order in Germany and the UK on Amazon’s official website for each of those regions, at prices of €219.99 and £199.99 respectively. The only downside is that Amazon hasn’t announced official release dates for the Echo Show for either country right now, only mentioning that it will be shipping at some point later on this year. That said, the fact that it’s available for pre-order now likely means that it will be available sometime in the near future, and perhaps before the holidays.

Now that the Echo Show is making its way to the two new above-mentioned countries soon, it remains to be seen when Amazon will make its three new Echo speakers available in the same countries and other regions where it has yet to announce availability. For some regions where the new products aren’t available, the current model of the Echo, in addition to the Echo Dot, should be available. With today’s slew of announcements from Amazon, the company seems to have been on a roll this week, mentioning just yesterday that Echo Show owners can now stream music to their Echo speakers from Amazon Music, a feature which is available in the U.S. as well as Austria, and coincidentally, the UK and Germany too, which means once the Echo Show launches in both of those countries users will be able to stream Amazon Music to the speaker using Alexa, which should add even more value to the product than it already offers. If you live in the UK or Germany an have been waiting on the Echo Show, you can place pre-orders for the speaker from the buttons below this post.

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