Amazon Competes In 4K Movie Market By Lowering Costs

Amazon is competing in the 4K movie market by lowering the costs of its films and TV shows which come in the Ultra HD resolution, a decision it has apparently made so it can better compete with Apple now that it's offering 4K movies following the announcement of the new 4K capable Apple TV. This would seem like an all-around good move on Amazon's part, and it probably is, even for the consumers. There are something to take note of though. Amazon reportedly has a smaller selection of available 4K content than Apple TV and what is available is said to not support HDR contrast and color pictures, though that could change when Amazon launches its new rumored Fire TV set top box.

The price decreases seem to be happening in various locations, including the U.S. and the UK, with prices for content starting at about $5 and £3.99 respectively, and going up as high as $19. For the U.S. prices of Amazon's 4K content, this is in comparison to previous costs that were as high as $30, which is likely considered a fairly expensive cost by some consumers despite that some were probably paying the costs regardless.

Though Amazon has started dropping its prices to compete with Apple's now lower-cost offerings on content, services like Google Play are still charging $30 for a single movie, with no indication that prices will be dropping anytime soon, if at all. Considering Amazon and Apple, two of Google's biggest rivals, are dropping prices though, chances are that Google Play will see costs for UHD movies and TV shows decrease as well at some point. If you purchase 4K content from Amazon in the U.S. or the UK then content should already be available at those lower prices. It's also possible, and likely that Amazon is lowering prices on 4K content for other regions outside these two countries too, so if you tend to purchase your digital TV and movies from Amazon but are in a different region, you may want to check out the list of 4K content that's on offer to see if the prices have already been lowered, keeping in mind you will still need  4K TV or monitor to view this content.

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