3rd Party Survey May Have Asked Questions About The Pixel 2

A third-party survey may have asked respondents questions about the Pixel 2 and some of its features, according to an individual who claims they received the survey earlier this year. Worth mentioning is that the actual webpage for the survey now leads to nothing more than a 404 error, which should make sense if the survey was being sent out in early March. Fortunately there are some screenshots that were taken by the person who says they received the survey asking questions about the unannounced device.

Based on the questions in the images, the survey was asking people about features they might prefer or like most in a Pixel smartphone, and whether they would be more likely to choose that phone over an comparable device from Apple or Samsung based on the Pixel features they selected in each question. The survey mentions that there are three different Google Pixel smartphones being compared as well, that one of the three is to be chosen, and that each one would lead to a different a different series of questions as each phone has slightly different features. Of the three phones, the features mentioned range from an all-day battery to receiving exclusive access to entertainment and offers.

Some of the features listed in the survey questions are features which aren't present on the current Pixel and Pixel XL, then there's also the matter of the survey reportedly being sent out earlier this year well after the launch of the original Pixel devices. Features like a 3,830mAh battery capacity and waterproofing are two that stand out, as waterproofing was one of the major traits of the current-gen Pixel devices that consumers expressed was a missed feature that should have been implemented, and battery life for some Pixel device owners has been hit or miss - a larger battery with a 3,830mAh capacity would certainly change that. A 6-inch display is also referenced as a feature of the one of the Pixel phone choices as is an internal storage capacity of 256GB.

One of the questions also asks what feature of the phone the person would be most interested in, with options like a free replacement device, a white glove replacement service (which would entail receiving a replacement device on your doorstep in 24 hours or less - presumably not free like the other option) or premium earbuds that could block out noise and respond to voice commands, which sounds a lot like the Google Assistant-powered headphones being referenced with the name Bisto recently. Another feature listed is a a pOLED QHD+ display with a resolution of 2880 x 1440, which would be a bump up from the QHD display on the Google Pixel XL. There's no telling if this survey has had any part in Google's decision making when it comes to the features for the new set of devices which are expected to be announced in the first week of October, nor is there any clarification that this survey was actually sent out to individuals from the third-party company on behalf of Google, but it won't be too long before Google announces its new phones, so it won't be too long before it's more clear if this survey had any influence on the choices Google made for the hardware and features.

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