YouTube TV Now Available In 29 US Metro Areas


YouTube TV has nearly doubled down on the amount of US markets that it's available in, adding in 14 new ones for a grand total of 29. The new areas include some fairly populous metros, including the likes of Boston, Baltimore, Nashville, and Tampa Bay. This rapid expansion following the service's launch is going to continue, according to Google. The search giant published a list of 17 new markets that it plans to bring the service to within the next few weeks. This list, if it is followed in its entirety, will bring the total number of markets up to 46, and includes Denver, Cleveland, and Indianapolis.

YouTube TV's vast and rapid expansion is not limited to local channels. The service boasts a wide range of basic channels, including the likes of Sprout, USA, NBC, and the Disney Channel. Local Now channels are set to join the service soon, and customers will have access to YouTube Red original programming at no extra cost. The service is currently available for $35 a month in qualifying markets, and requires an internet connection. At this time, Google has not announced any bundle packages for markets that are eligible for Google Fiber or Project Fi.

YouTube TV is not aimed directly at cord cutters like YouTube Red is, but is rather targeted toward replacing cable packages on an in-place basis. Though YouTube TV still lacks some basic channels that most cable providers have, such as Cartoon Network, its channel lineup is suitable for a good number of users, and is still growing. Google is not entirely alone in targeting traditional cable customers, but for now, it's not a very crowded section of the market. Facebook's upcoming TV solution, for example, will be more akin to a streaming service, with a mix of primetime, user-generated, and premium original programming. YouTube TV's refusal to enter the traditional streaming market exempts it in part from having to compete on level with services like Hulu, which offers a vast selection of new and classic TV programs across many categories, or Netflix, which offers up unique and less-appreciated titles in addition to its own creations, such as Daredevil, Fuller House, and even an anime adaptation of the popular Castlevania video game series. 

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