YouTube Kids Arrives on Android TV At Last

August 11, 2017 - Written By Alexander Maxham

YouTube Kids, YouTube’s app that is designed specifically for kids with kid-friendly content, is now available on Android TV. Allowing your kids to browse through YouTube and find some kid-friendly content to watch, without their parents needing to be around. Prior to this, kids would need to use the standard YouTube app or Cast it from an Android smartphone. But now the YouTube Kids app is available for Android TV, which is great to see. YouTube Kids had recently made its way to a number of smart TVs that did not run Android TV, but now it’s available for a much wider range of TV sets.

YouTube has a few different apps now, aside from its main app, which are aimed at different genres. Of course the most popular ones are YouTube Music and YouTube Kids, both of which are on Android TV now. YouTube Kids is a nicely designed app that allows your kids to keep themselves busy with all kinds of great content. There are a ton of content on YouTube, however, not all of it is kid-friendly or appropriate, and that’s where YouTube Kids comes in handy. Like with the app on your smartphone, all of the settings are locked away, so that only adults are able to access them and adjust things if needed. There are features like timers, so that the kids don’t spend too much time in front of the TV. And that’s something that we are all guilty of really, these days.

It’s quite easy to install YouTube Kids onto your Android TV set-top box.  You can use the link below from a browser and install it on your Android TV set-top box or TV – it won’t install on any smartphones or tablets. Or you can visit the Google Play Store on your Android TV model and download it from there. It will log you into your Google account, and you’re free to go from there. Of course, Android TV will start to show recommendations from YouTube Kids once you start watching content from that app, which will really only pertain to your kids and not yourself.

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