Unofficial Open-Source Allo Desktop Client Bypasses Chrome


There is a brand new open-source native desktop client for Google's Allo that solves at least one of the problems users might have with the web application. Namely, it bypasses the Allo for Web app's reliance on Google's Chrome browser which has been a problem for some users since the official web client was first released. Allo for Desktop may solve that problem, though it's not affiliated with Google in any way, meaning there is some risk associated with installing it. Nonetheless, the source code itself has also been made available on GitHub, making the solution relatively transparent.

According to the client's developer, Allo for Desktop will work on Mac, Linux, and Windows computers and effectively acts as a "wrapper" around the official web client. It was put together using the "Nativefier" command line tool, so it operates on the desktop natively as a standalone app or program instead of running inside of a browser while also supporting native notifications so users don't have to worry about whether they'll miss any messages. The app itself is also accessible via shortcut icons that the user can place anywhere on their computer or laptop screen, meaning it can be opened from the convenience of the desktop instead of having to rely on a browser to launch it. The client consequently operates with complete separation from Chrome for anybody who has reasons for not wanting to use or download Google's browser.

The new Allo for Desktop client still doesn't solve every issue with Allo in the desktop environment; for one, the Allo mobile application will still need to be running on a connected device and that connection enables the actual communication itself so it needs to remain open in order for Allo to function properly. That's down to how Allo itself works and probably won't be changed any time soon. In the meantime, users are now at least able to use the service outside of Google's browser. Anybody interested in downloading the client can do so by following the link below, whereas Google's official Chrome client may also be updated with new functionalities in the near future.

Unofficial Allo for Desktop Client

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