Uber Reports Tips Earnings & New Driver-Friendly Features


Following the success of the company's driver tipping feature, Uber has decided to take action on other initiatives based on driver feedback with the goal of making the job more flexible. The tipping feature was launched in the U.S. back in June and has since been rolled out to users in Canada and the U.K. In the short time frame between its launch and this writing, the company's Regional General Manager of U.S. & Canada, Rachel Holt, says that it has earned drivers around $50 million in extra income. The number may seem small compared to those posted by one of its largest competitors, Lyft, at around $250 million, but Uber's numbers were achieved over a shorter time frame and don't include the promotional tips provided by the company itself during the initial launch. The new features are expected to bring even better benefits to drivers since they allow drivers to have much more control over the jobs they accept.

According to the source, Uber drivers will now have the option to take on jobs individually by type. For example, a driver can opt to only take on UberEats delivers or provide UberX rides to passengers. That means workers can decide which types of jobs are best suited to their vehicle, personality, or preferences. Another new feature also enables drivers to either reject or accept jobs based on expected travel time. If a trip is expected to take longer than 45 minutes, drivers will have the option to either opt-out or accept. That allows employees of the company to assess whether or not they are in a position to take a longer job and make the decision most appropriately suited to their individual needs. Beyond that new feature, drivers can also use the application's destination feature up to six times per day. The feature previously only allowed for two such destinations to be set per day. Better still, a new feature tied to that will now allow drivers to set a time at which they need to hit their destination. The app will automatically filter and sort jobs as the specified time approaches so that the driver can get to wherever they are headed on time at the end of their work day.

Uber expects the features will positively affect both drivers and passengers since it will make drivers more content with their work and riders are most satisfied when their drivers are happy. The new features should bring some welcome PR following a number of highly publicized scandals and employee complaints involving the company. For anybody worried that may make getting a ride for longer trips more difficult, Uber says it has already noted an increase in ride completions which it attributes to the new feature, which should result in a better experience for everybody involved.

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