Uber Now Allowing Drivers To Share Their Trips With Others


Uber has announced a slew of additions to its service for both drivers and passengers today, including a new optional driver tracking feature called Driver Share My Trip. This new feature allows drivers to share their current whereabouts with a given contact or group of contacts, allowing anyone to know where they are at any given time. The new feature can be turned on and off with a quick toggle and contacts that a driver chooses to share their location with will be able to see a map with their location, contact details, a quick-dial button to get a hold of them as needed, and the driver's license plate number. The functionality is currently live in 140 major cities worldwide and should be out for all Uber drivers sometime in early fall.

Along with the option for drivers to share their current location with friends and family at any given time, today's announcement detailed a new verification option for riders who don't have an electronic payment method on file, allowing them to authenticate their accounts with their Facebook profiles and enabling riders who don't have a card or don't want to file a card with Uber to ride using only cash. The company also announced the expansion of a relatively new insurance option through Aon called Driver Injury Protection. The option protects drivers in case of unforseen incidents and offers coverage for lost wages, medical benefits, and survivor benefits. It has technically been out since June and is currently live in 30 states in the United States and Uber wants to expand it to the entirety of the country while introducing new offerings both in the U.S. and worldwide.

Uber's latest announcements come in addition to some safety features already built into the service, including the ability to share a driver's ETA with a given contact, and a slew of insurance offerings that can protect both drivers and passengers. All features the firm detailed today should now be live for all Uber drivers in applicable territories, though Uber has not announced an exact timeline for when the new functionalities and insurance options will spread to other markets.


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