Toshiba Unveils A Range Of New TVs At IFA


Toshiba has taken the wraps off a number of unique new TVs at this year's IFA conference, including one made to sit flush with a wall, a new series of TVs with Amazon Alexa integration, a bezel-free unit, and a series of OLED TVs with HDR. All of the TVs that Toshiba is showing off at IFA this year sit on the higher end of the average consumer-level spectrum, worlds away from the likes of Samsung's $10,000 curved TVs, but also head and shoulders above price-first units from brands like Westinghouse that are made to bring the price per inch as low as possible without sacrificing certain core features.

The upcoming line of Alexa-enabled TVs can integrate with smartphones using the Alexa app. These fall between 43 and 75 inches, and all boast a 4K resolution with built-in upscaling, allowing owners to enjoy lower-resolution content with as much clarity and detail as possible. These also feature a smart TV OS that can connect to the Opera TV store to download apps. Another game-changing model on show is a concept, not yet ready for consumer sale, that's made to hang flush on the wall and conceal the TV's innards and controls behind the thin frame. Rather than a backlight, this 65 inch concept model TV uses an OLED panel that can light up individual pixels for unprecedented black levels, and the lowest possible energy usage. this panel is also equipped with HDR, and is capable of showing roughly 99 percent of the color space as defined by the DCI-P3, which translates to somewhere near 1,024 different shades per base color. It even boasts Hybrid Log Gamma, a feature that can emulate HDR in non-HDR content. Like the Alexa TV lineup, this one has a 4K resolution and can upscale non-4K content.

On the slightly more pedestrian end of things, Toshiba has announced two beautiful OLED TVs with Dolby HDR10 on board. The two models are 65 and 55 inches, both with 4K resolution and the same upscaler featured in other models. Color reproduction is the same as on the wall art concept TV – up to 1,024 shades per color, and 99 percent of the DCI-P3 color gamut. Toshiba rounds out its IFA TV announcements with a massive 75-inch model that boasts the same features as the other new models being introduced, aside from Alexa integration and a wafer-thin form. This large TV features Dolby HDR10, 99 percent DCI-P3 color reproduction, Hybrid Log Gamma, and a 4K upscaler. This one also features a basic smart TV OS, which integrates with the Opera TV store for apps. On top of that, this model features Screenshare, which allows a number of devices, including Android phones and tablets, to mirror their current content onto the giant screen.

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