Titanfall: Assault Drops In On Android Devices

Stand by for Titanfall, as Titanfall: Assault drops in on Android devices today, giving players a taste of tactical action on the go based on the popular console and PC first-person shooter from Respawn Entertainment. Titanfall: Assault is a strategy RTS game and will play and feel like others in the genre such as Clash of Clans or the recently launched Final Fantasy XV spin-off. Gamers will be able to compete in PvP action for controlling areas known as hardpoints, but will also need to give it everything they've got to defeat enemy bases using a blend of tactical burn cards, titans, and pilots, each with their own unique abilities and specialties.

Each battlefield will have strategic locations and choke points where it will be crucial to gain control, adding an element of challenge to where gamers drop their playable cards as keeping control of hardpoints can be just as important as taking the enemy base. The game features a short tutorial segment that walks you through how to play though in truth the game is pretty easy to pick up, so it won't take much for you to get used to things. You'll start off with pilots, and as you progress you'll be able to play titan cards and tactical burn cards for more firepower, but there is a cooldown timer to pay attention to for each card type, and playing cards takes resources too so you'll need to watch a bar at the bottom of the UI to know how much you have, as if you run out it can add an extra layer to the cooldown since you'll be waiting on the card cooldown and for your resources to regenerate.

Your titans and other cards are already decently powerful to begin with, but you can also upgrade these cards as you play, though to do so you will need to have credits, and experience, which you can obtain from winning battles. Winning also affords you the opportunity to pick up new cards to play during matches so long as you add them to your squad. You can also pick up cards and other useful in-game items from daily login rewards, so the more you play the more chances you have to pick up some good stuff. While pilots and titans will be pretty self explanatory in terms of what they are, burn cards can span a range of different abilities, and include things like different types of missiles and ground-based sentry turrets to help you take out encroaching enemies. You can choose to play the game solo if you like, but you'll also be able to join guilds with other players and not only will this help you win certain battles that you'll no doubt need teams to complete, you'll also get benefits and help from those in your guild. The game is free to download and there will be in-app purchases, though like most of these types of games they aren't necessary to have fun or play through the game.

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