The Google Pixel 2 Arrives At The FCC, Running Android 8.0.1


A device with the model number G011A has now passed through the FCC, and this looks like it is the Google Pixel 2. The device itself was registered with the FCC by HTC, who is largely believed to be the company manufacturing the next Pixel smartphone. It is worth pointing out that a smartphone with model number G011A was spotted before – when it received its Wi-Fi certification – although at the time there was little to suggest that this was the Pixel 2.

What is different here though, is buried within the details. While FCC listings can provide lots or no information alluding to what an unannounced smartphone is, the ID label and location doc is usually where some information can be found. On this occasion, this doc provides screenshots of some of the settings pages on the phone and it is here where elements appear that do highly suggest this is the Pixel 2. The first is that this phone comes running on Android O, as well as running on the latest security patch (August 2017). It is largely expected that the Google Pixel will be the first device to come running on Android O and with Android O expected to get its official release as early as next week, the timing of this phone passing through the FCC does add weight to this being the Pixel 2. Although what is of even more interest, is that the current developer preview version (DP4) of Android O is based on Android 8.0.0. In contrast, this phone is running on Android 8.0.1. Further suggesting this is likely to be running an official (and unreleased) version of Android O.

In addition, the screenshots also do show that this phone comes equipped with HTC's Edge Sensor features. Which is another feature that has been associated with the upcoming Pixel, with the suggestion being that Pixel owners will be able to squeeze the frame of the phone to initiate certain functionality. Much in a similar way to the HTC U11, the screenshots seems to indicate that users will be able to assign the Edge functionality to launch Google Assistant. Another point worth noting is that the baseband version listed in the images makes reference to "8998" suggesting that the SoC powering this device is the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 – which again marries well with the rumors surrounding the Google Pixel 2. Unfortunately, that is largely the extent to the information provided in these filings, although the screenshots do seem to highlight that the phone will come loaded with 64GB internal storage.


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