Telus Now Offering 12GB Of Data For $65 Per Month

August 17, 2017 - Written By Daniel Golightly

Telus is currently offering a promotion that takes the cost of 12GB data plans down to $65 per month for new customers outside of Quebec, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan. That brings the overall cost of the carriers plan in line with its biggest competitors – Rogers and Bell – at $130 per month once unlimited nationwide calling is included. Meanwhile, all three carriers listed above have also recently launched plans for customers in Quebec that run $62 and $85 for 7GB and 12GB of data and voice, respectively. Unfortunately, according to the source, it looks as though only new subscriptions and upgrades are eligible for the latest Telus promotion at this time.

The new pricing is likely to make Telus more competitive by bringing some consistency to its pricing. Where the three carriers really differ is mostly in how the costs are split on the bill and the cost to customers for going over their data usage. While the deal from Telus includes 12GB for only $65 per month, Bell and Rogers data costs $75 per month outside of the aforementioned regions. They all still work out to the same cost for the amount of data in question when tied to unlimited Canada-wide calling, but the distinction is noteworthy. The way costs are split can affect which provider has the best deal for each individual customer depending on how much data they will use outside of the new promotional offer. Furthermore, as of this writing, Bell and Rogers both charge an additional overages cost of $70 per GB or $7 for every 100MB. For new Telus customers, there are higher tiers available if 12GB simply isn’t enough. Costs for plans with more data included vary, starting from 15GB for $100 and running all the way up to 80GB for $355.

Whether or not the new promotion manages to net Telus a wave of new customers remains to be seen, but it does appear to be a respectable offer since it brings the company in line with its competition’s plans and doesn’t appear to add significant costs on top of those. It also couldn’t come at a better time, since there are plenty of brand new devices on the way to the country. As of this writing, there’s still no word on when the company’s latest promotion will end.