T-Mobile Reports That Data Usage Doubled During The Eclipse


T-Mobile reported its network usage skyrocketing along the path of the recent solar eclipse's totality phase over America, with the increased data usage, as broken down by the most popular apps, totaling roughly 215 percent of normal usage. T-Mobile also broke the data down city by city and came up with a list of the top four data users along the totality line during the course of the eclipse event. Atlanta, Georgia topped the charts, while Columbia, South Carolina placed a close second despite its relatively smaller population. Kansas City, Missouri came in at third place, and Salt Lake City, Utah rounded out the top four cities along the totality line for data usage.

Six particular apps soared in usage during the eclipse, particularly among those top four cities. Netflix was the sixth most used app during the eclipse, with some 125 percent of its normal T-Mobile userbase apparently catching up on their binge watching while waiting for the main event in the sky. 156 percent more usage came through YouTube, which counts in video uploads and YouTube live broadcasts. Instagram managed to leap close to 70 percent over YouTube, with 225 percent of its normal usage. Facebook topped that by 35 percent, landing at 260 percent. Twitter saw 300 percent of its normal usage along the totality line, and Snapchat snapped up the top spot with a rousing 400 percent of normal usage. These figures are all compared to usage on T-Mobile's network, and did not count in users on Wi-Fi.

T-Mobile's network did not significantly buckle under the increased nationwide strain, a testament to the work that the company has put into increasing capacity and network stability in recent months. T-Mobile has roughly doubled its total LTE coverage to around 315 million people since 2015, and is expecting that number to jump up to 321 million by the end of this year. The company's plans to expand its 700MHz LTE network are almost done, and an expansion using the 600MHz spectrum won during the FCC's recent incentive auction is already underway. These efforts have earned T-Mobile the top title in OpenSignal's recent State of Mobile Networks report, and 14 quarters in a row as the fastest carrier on average in Ookla's user-facing Speedtest.net database as of July.


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