SQUARE ENIX’s Cooking Game ‘Meshi Quest’ Hits The Play Store

August 18, 2017 - Written By Daniel Golightly

SQUARE ENIX co., Ltd. has a new title out for Android called Meshi Quest: Five-star Kitchen and, although the company is more well-known for its RPG franchises, this one’s a restaurant management-style puzzle game. It may just be hitting the Play Store, but it already has 83 reviews, a 4.1-star rating, and sits squarely in the 10,000 – 50,000 downloads range. That may not be the best start for any new Play Store title, but it is free to play and there are a ton of reasons for fans of these types of games to give it a shot.

For starters, gameplay is fairly straight forward. Users tap and drag to “operate” restaurants of various types with a huge number of recipes and dishes to master. Aside from the game’s Japanese recipes, the game also has hamburgers and Chineses food. There are over 200 recipes in all. Like most games that fit a similar bill, play sessions are short – at just 2 minutes per round, according to the app’s description. The goal of the game should also be familiar. Players will cook increasingly difficult food orders as efficiently as possible while trying to impress customers. The more often the game is played and the better a player performs, the more options and customers become available as the player strives to have the most famous food joint in town and more restaurants are unlocked. However, the game also features a competitive aspect because players will be competing across more than 500 different ranking types with other players from around the world. Connecting to a Facebook account, meanwhile, allows for even more personalized competition. Of course, all of that is overlaid in true SQUARE ENIX fashion. Namely, the artwork has a decidedly “anime” feel and all the fun quirkiness that goes along with that.

The only real drawbacks to Meshi Quest: Five-star Kitchen is that it requires Android 4.0.3 or later to guarantee compatibility. That shouldn’t be a huge problem since the latest distribution numbers show that just 1.6 percent of users are still on that version of Android or older. However, it’s worth being aware of, all the same. Beyond that, Meshi Quest does also have in-app-purchases, though the developers say there are no “automatic charges” and it doesn’t appear as though the game will fall into the pay-to-win category.

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